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  1. USA 1987 Shelby Z T Top Bags- Pair

    Parts For Sale
    Have a set of T top storage bags from my old 1987 Shelby Z. Good condition, don't see any tears, Velcro is good, white liners have some light stains from the years but not bad. They're wrinkled in the photos from being folded up in a box, no cracks or anything, should relax out nice and smooth...
  2. Installing overhead console in T-Top Daytona?

    Ok, so I know it can be done. But I have a few questions, what car should the console come out of? I don't want it to be too wide, it want it to fit pretty well between the two T-Tops. Also, is the wiring already up hidden behind my headliner or will I have to wire it in myself? Thanks for the...
  3. Engine 86 Daytona turbo z

    Project Log
    I have been asking alot of questions all over the forum to help me to get my car running, i also have been thinking about making one comprehensive thread with everything about my car so it's easier for people to help me and such.
  4. %%%%Vote for Car of the Month - January 2013!!!%%%%

    Turbo Dodge Ride Of The Month
    Alrighty it is now time to vote for your favorite ride to be titled Car of the Month! Thank you to everyone that entered, great turnout and great pictures! If you want to see more pics of each ride see the DECEMBER ENTRY THREAD. zippy93rt's 1993 Dodge Daytona IROC R/T Shelby/Dakota's 1985...
  5. 86 Turbo-Z build

    Project Log
    even though I am already about halfway done with my resto/build I figured I would make a build thread to track and show progress as this baby starts to take shape and become road ready, then finally show ready (hopefully by summer). For starters- bought the car in January of 2011 for $600 has...
  6. Daytona T-Tops, trim, mirrors, doors... 88 Daytona Part out.

    Parts For Sale
    Time to start selling off the Donortona! All prices do not include shipping, multiple items can be combined at a discount! Please ask questions, more pictures are easy to get. :cool: All parts are from a 1988 Daytona Shelby Z. T-Top parts: T-top set #1 Tan trim, plastic is intact, glass is...
  7. Wanted:89 Shelby Daytona

    Cars Wanted
    I am looking for a 1989 Shelby, Red With T-Tops. Preferably no rust. Email pics. Thanks, [email protected]
  8. USA 88 turbo daytona parting out

    Parts For Sale
    I have a 88 daytona that I am parting out, It was converted to a race car so here is whats left: T-tops. All interior (gray), including dash, Heater duct assembly, complete wiring harness, complete doors, rear hatch, turbo, intake, exhaust (not sure if it works). Front bumper assembly, rear...
  9. t-tops 16" pumpers daytona louvers (44444

    Parts For Sale
    i have i believe 3 sets of t-tops. none have keys , most have had the locks drilled. $50 a set local pick up only set of 16" pumpers with c/s centers. decent hankook k106 tires. paint has some chips but no curbage. tires were just balance - $200 local pick up only rear louvers off a 88...
  10. 2 daytonas - 87 shelby z and 88 c/s - $1500 or trade

    Cars For Sale
    i have 2 daytonas i want to sell or trade, one is a 1988 2.2 t1 5 speed, i was told it is a califoria special, i drove the car till something in the transmission broke and now it will not move, it has a new cluch, flywheel, and pressure plate, new wind sheild, an a few other things, and i have a...
  11. WTB: Factory Black 89 Daytona T-top Shelby TII *MINT*

    Cars Wanted
    just throwing this dream out there for any viewers... I'm looking for an 89 daytona intercooled shelby t-top car in black (origional color) rust-free, straight body, no bondo, no dents beyond parking lot dings, preferably shelby TII model but not necessary an ES might do. but body must be...