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  1. Engine - Turbo & Block
    I have a 1986 chrysler laser turbo. It has one intake with one filter and a silver valve cover. I am looking at a 1986 dodge daytona. Why does it have a black valve cover and a different intake? its also a turbo 1 with 146hp. Are they the same motor?
  2. Parts For Sale
    T1 NOS fuel rail https://www.ebay.com/itm/181987659583 T1 NOS distributor https://www.ebay.com/itm/181987952283 Not mine, just thought I'd share!
  3. Parts For Sale
    I have a new Mopar Performance Super 60 with stainless steel oil and coolant lines for sale. Spec is as follow: Super 60 compressor wheel Polished TII .42 a/r compressor housing Stage 1 turbine wheel .63 Chrysler flanged turbine housing 2.5 inch swingvalve Big can actuator SS turbo oil line...
  4. Parts Wanted
    Looking for 4 good T1 injectors, will trade my flex fuel injectors for them or just buy them, let me know, thanks!
  5. Electrical
    I have to do a a computer and harness swap in my 92 spirit auto 2.5 TBI, I'm putting in a T1 computer and harness, just wanted to know if there were anything I should know or be aware of? Anything tricky? Or pretty straight forward??? Thanks in advance for any info or tips!!!
  6. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    Ok 92 spirit tbi auto, I'm actually keeping it N/A but going to use a flex fuel spirit computer and intake, fuel rail, fpr, and injectors. But for all intensive purposes we'll just say TBI to T1 because I know it's been done. My question is; is there anyway to wire in the injectors to my 92 tbi...
  7. Parts Wanted
    Hoping someone will have a car that fits this description. I'm looking for an 87-92 LeBaron for parts, must have blue interior with the ingrain trim pieces, preferrably a 5-speed, and if the planets align a GTC.
  8. Parts For Sale
    full T1 top mount intercooler T1 cam/rockers/lifters T1 Turbo cam = T2 cam for most part little diff comes with glider rockers/lifters T1 a/c radiator - reg radiator T1 computer 8,12 T1 shortblock needs piston rings block is fully apart except the crank ANYTHING THATS IN THE ENGINE BAY EXCEPT...
  9. Parts For Sale
    Parting out the drivetrain on my 86 daytona cs auto.engine is dissmantled needs rings swirl piston head is 287 has small chip on side of one of collant ports also selling dealer installed top mount intercooler.all drivetrain/engine are for sale also have a turbo cam slider rockers slider lifters...
  10. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I've got an 85 lebaron t1 - automatic. It's currently all stock(msd coil doesn't count). Recently my brother gave me his extra one piece intake. Can I run 14-15 lb of boost or will my head need ported? intake? Will the turbo push it? I'm only looking to make 200hp or so, nothing extreme...
  11. Parts For Sale
    all right first up is my A413 trans. spyder gears blew the whole diff cluster is no good blew a hole into bell housing valve body is good along with all the other parts. comes in AS SEEN condition parts in pic is everything no brackets no cables NO price listed because more then willing to rip...
  12. Parts Wanted
    found chips in my head need another one bad to finish my baby...its been over a year now :/ :bang head
  13. Parts Wanted
    alrighty everyone got money in hand looking to finish off my daytona in one shot can afford all parts listed her so heres the list email me at [email protected] fastest way to get ahold of me 1.T1 head built or stock doesnt matter to me but not looking for one that i need to rebuild 2.tach &...
  14. Turbo Dodge Help
    long time no see turbododge!! how you been? so im about to go look at an 85 lancer 2.2 t1 98k miles 5 spd supposed to be pretty nice. he says its stuck in 2nd and he can move the shifter forwards and back but its still in 2nd when i had my shadow it did something similar, but that was so long...
  15. Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    In the last months I started to give some love to my old Caravan, It has around 160,000Km (not sure because I changed the cluster without taking note of the diference), I have changed a lot of small old parts for new ones and fixed some mess with the vacuum lines, and I think one of the lines...
  16. Engine - Turbo & Block
    I am in the middle of converting my 1987 t1 log shadow to t2 status, and after rotating the compressor housing and making an adapter to get rid of the 90 degree elbow on the inlet, and moving the waste gate far enough from intake so it will not hit, my waste gate actuator rod is almost 1/2"...
  17. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I want to put a CAI on my 2.5L T1, but I don't know how it will effect the cooling on the ECU. Any tips or advice?
  18. Parts For Sale
    Cleaning out the garage of stuff i'll never get to use, or stuff from cars that I no longer have... should be putting up some other ads soo as i get up into the rafters. This is a T1 Logic module (Stage 1) from mopar performance. I bought it for a GLHT that I sold. It worked well, but I...
  19. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    so i am almost complete my t2 conversion in my 1987 shadow with a 2.2, almost all the mechanical side of things is in order and together, but i do not quite have my lm figured out as it is not reprogrammed to t2 status. my question is, am i able to ONLY START, NOT REV OR DRIVE JUST START AND...
  20. Engine - Turbo & Block
    I have an '86 Laser automatic with the T1 turbo, and it is a little slugish. I was wondering if upgrading to a T3 turbo would help boost hp/torque, and if so, would it bolt-on or would there be modifications that I need to perform? Or are there other solutions to more hp/torque or anything that...
1-20 of 49 Results