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  1. USA wanted 87 shelby z parts, speedo,knock sensor,wires

    Parts Wanted
    im looking for a speedo for a 87 Shelby z I replaced the gears in mine with brand ne and still no odometer and broke it the last time I had apart. the speedo face comes to a point on top sort of when removed. also looking for the fuel injection harness, and a knock sensor, and a traveler with a...
  2. Leftover Lebaron Parts - Basement Clearance

    Parts For Sale
    Clearing out my old Lebaron (Daytona, etc.) parts. Prices listed are without shipping, parts are as is and will be packed and secured for transit by the people at UPS. All currency in US dollars. Will ship to Canada. I have three digital dashes, one is dim, one works but has a pegged gas...