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  1. Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    Ok y'all I picked up a 1988 dodge Omni off Facebook marketplace for 500 bucks about a month ago it came with a spare set of tires and some other parts. It cranks but struggles with staying alive unless I give it some gas. I took off the air box and after that she fired right up I've put in a new...
  2. Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    This is my first post. I have tried to post under the help section, but have not been granted access yet. I just picked up a 33k 85 turbo. Runs out nice at part throttle, but surges and loses power when throttle is pressed more than 1/2 way. Throwing codes 32 (EGR?) and 45 (Overboost). Not...
  3. Turbo Dodge Help
    first time poster here, hope i am in the right forum, i am having some issues with my lebaron. my engine is poping and rattling at high speeds. it surges and bucks and seems to lose power as if it is just not "kicking in" all the way. when i pulled over and came to A complete stop, if i took my...
  4. Turbo Dodge Help
    hello, I am looking for some help in getting my daughters car back on the road. I am unable to get codes run on this but have been searching myself the ole fashion way to see if I can find the source of the problem. the car cranks fine. I have fuel to my throttle body. * if I run jumpers to my...
  5. New Member Intros
    I just picked this car up a week and a half ago .It in good conditiion. But now it doesnt start. You can Hear the Starter n the fuel pump turn on im going to check n see if i have spark so if any one has any ideas that would be great ill post as i go along .Thanks .
  6. Turbo Dodge Help
    OK, heres the deal: i have spark, i've checked all 4 plugs and they all have spark. coil is good, distributor is good (i assume since i have fire on all plug wires) fuel pump is good, removed fuel filter (fuel filter is good, because I can blow air through it.) and it will shoot out gas on...
1-6 of 6 Results