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  1. Searching for: hard to find Daytona Parts

    Parts Wanted
    Hey all, I'm going to be that PITA guy replicating Augie Fisher's Daytona in The Wraith, with a personal touch. There will be pictures attached for everything I'm after, they are not being sold by me, as a forewarning. Must be willing to ship, and I'm more than happy to pay shipping. So many...
  2. looking for motor

    Parts Wanted
    looking to find a good used or rebuilt turbo2.2 or 2.5 short or long block. really would like to get my rampage back on the road this summer :thumb:
  3. Upgrading Suspension

    Transmission, Suspension, Brakes, Tires & Wheels
    I have an 88 Lebaron turbo and it needs suspenion badly. Figured seeing how i want to stiffen it up anyway, might as well rob the suspension pieces from another J-body but a GTC. Does anyone know if I'm going to be living in a nightmare trying to dop this? Cuz in my mind it should go smoothly...
  4. Turbo timer

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for a turbo timer for my 88 LeBaron A/T. Looking for something simple, easy to use, and cost effective. Basically seeing what preferences people have and why.
  5. 1985 daytona turbo

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    so im new to this forum and im looking around and i really dont see anything big for the 85 daytona's so i was just wondering what are good little tweaks and mods that you can do to like the turbo or the computer to just get a little more fun out of the car if you know anything id love to see...
  6. Chrysler Town & Country convertible any interest ?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    Found this car for sale for parts, 1st owner. 2.2 turbo This is the first one I have ever seen. Should it be saved ?
  7. 1989 LeBaron 2.5 Turbo 1

    Project Log
    Hey all, Sorry for leaving for a while, I ended up getting a 1988 Thunderbird TurboCoupe and was fixing that for a while. But I'm back, and I brought with me a Turbo Car! :D Picked this up yesterday for $500 Things that are new on it that previous owner did. Fuel Pump, Rear Shocks...
  8. Dual port bov on a turbo one??? Please chime in.. :)

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    1987 Dodge Daytona Pacifica 2.2 Turbo I OK for starters I'm new to Mopar and to Dodge so forgive me ahead of time for not knowing some of the basics. Ive read a lot of info on a lot of things and Ive been surprised at what Ive learned the last few days. When I initially bought my car I figured...
  9. Sacrificing a Black & Gold CS ,so i can get back to work

    TurboDodge Snapshots
    Sup zeno10 just trying to get back into the game ,Sacrificing an 86 CS so i can get my 84 Charger out of the bush An early Black & Gold CS Truly a nice car back in the day.idk if its really rare but ive never seen one Picked her up cheap , This baby is loaded 76k on her digital dash, one...
  10. Turbo Painted Valve Cover

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    So a couple weeks ago, I went to the junk yard and looked around for a spare turbo valve cover, after searching, I came across two; One in a 2.5 T1 LeBaron Convertible, and the other in a 2.2 TII LeBaron Coupe. At first I was working on getting the TII's cover off, but it was stuck on there...
  11. Turbo

    New Member Intros
    found 2 turbo units in the trunk of a85 shelby charger. how can i tell if they are from the same year. Will casting numbers help. I would like to sell them but i dont know how to list them or there past history. Help if you can
  12. Bleed nipples on Mitsu turbo

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    I know the larger one is 1/8" NPT, but what about the smaller one....? It is for sure not 1/8", is it a metric size? It looks to be tapered like pipe thread, but I could be wrong, anybody know for sure? Or for that matter, can anyone dig up the OEM part number for it, maybe I have to get it...
  13. t1 garrett compressor housing gasket/o-ring??

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    so im in the middle of my t1-t2 conversion and have my turbo off and pulled the compressor housing off so i could clean it, and noticed it had a gasket that went between it an the plate it clamps too. when i bought the car there was what looks to be a Garrett gasket kit that was half used (used...
  14. 2.2 turbo lebaron issues!

    Turbo Dodge Help
    first time poster here, hope i am in the right forum, i am having some issues with my lebaron. my engine is poping and rattling at high speeds. it surges and bucks and seems to lose power as if it is just not "kicking in" all the way. when i pulled over and came to A complete stop, if i took my...
  15. USA 89 Dodge Caravan Voyager Turbo 2.5 ECU

    Parts For Sale
    I think this will be my last attempt to sell this. ECU for one of those let's-turbo-a-92-caravan projects that never took place. It's on ebay (89 Dodge Caravan Voyager Turbo 2.5 ECU turbo 1 automatic | eBay : $40+shipping), so go save it before I have to throw it in the dump.
  16. 1988 Dodge Daytona CS headlight problem!

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I have a 1988 daytona cs and every now and then I will get this problem with the headlamps. I'll pull the headlight switch but the light will neither pop up or turn on. It has only happened to me twice and the first time, month ago, I was able to fix it by simply unplugging the battery and then...
  17. 1985 2.2 Turbocharger(Garrett TBO3) Wanted

    Parts Wanted
    I need a turbocharger for my 1985 Shelby Charger. The old one is "Toast" according to the guy at the turbo shop. Would rather not pay the $800 they are asking for a new replacment so I'm checking out other options. I believe the one that came off it is a garrett tbo3 part#466289-0005. Looking...
  18. Turbo 2 head and Turbo 1 block

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I have a Turbo 2 top end (head, intake, turbo, intercooler, etc...) out of an '88 or '89 Daytona. My '86 Laser XT has the Turbo 1 engine in it. Can I mate the top end of the Turbo 2 to the bottom end of the Turbo 1 without any major problems? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated...
  19. Someone tell me what my car is?

    About 4 months ago I was searching through craigslist and decided to buy myself a project car. From what I know it's an 86 Daytona turbo z. But from everything I've read on here I think it might be a de-badged c/s. The sway bars at massive and it has the whole ground effects package. But here's...
  20. Few 87 Turbo 1 Parts For Sale

    Parts For Sale
    Turbo 1 LM,ECU, etc I have a few parts that came off of a Running 87 Lebaron GTC Up First: Power Module $35 Turbo 1 computer $50 good for replacement or core Turbo 1 Intake W/Fuel Rail,Injectors,Throttle Body,Sensors,Intake Couplers,Regulator Minus fuel rail harness $65 Turbo 1 Intake Box...