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  1. Shelby Lancer 546

    Cars For Sale By Others
    Shelby Lancer for trade; looking for a manual, cloth Shelby lancer, might sell if price is right. 546 is stock, 146k miles, still has Shelby valve cover. Needs tps re pinned but runs and drives just breaks up. It also needs a passenger side rear caliper. Comes with manual k member...
  2. Electrical Need picture of TB harness routing

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I need a picture of the throttle body wiring harness routing on a 1987 Daytona Shelby TII with the two piece intake. I assume there is supposed to be some sort of bracket on the intake with a clip or clamp for the IAC and TPS wires. I know what the 1988 up turbos use, but the TB mounting studs...
  3. USA 88 Daytona front fenders

    Parts Wanted
    Looking for 88 Daytona front fenders. Need to be in excellent condition or new, aftermarket new. Jeff
  4. Few Turbo 2 parts

    Parts For Sale
    Just parts I had laying around the garage that I do not need anymore. Everything is fine. Open to all offers. PM me if you're interested in anything. May add more stuff later on. All shipping costs on your end. Pay Pal preferred. Thanks. 1) Turbo 2 exhaust manifold: Still has all 4 studs...
  5. New member. Soon to be 87 CSX owner

    New Member Intros
    Well, I'm officially buying my first project car 87 CSX from a friends dad. the car has sat for 15+ years so I know I have my work cut out for me. Looking for guidance on how to maximize performance and gain hp for modest cost. Read around the forums and my head is spinning with all the...
  6. GLHS parts for sale.

    Parts For Sale
    For Sale: Cant seem upload pics but Email me at [email protected] or text (570)730-6944 quicker response time. (2) GLHS Radiators w/Intercoolers $100+Shipping each (2) Used ALternators $40 +Shipping each (2) Fuel Rails...
  7. 2 piece Shelby Intake

    Parts For Sale
    Selling the 2 piece off of my 87 Shelby Z engine I grabbed from the Junkyard. missing fuel rail when I got it, and someone broke the knock sensor. Other than that is is complete, in good shape with some of the wrinkle peeling. Asking $250 shipped....Call or text (716) 560-5021, pm me or just...
  8. Need A555 transmission/ rebuild cost

    New York
    Soooooo, This is my first time posting on this site (not my first time here though:rolleyes:) I drive an 89 chrysler Lebaron. Its a 2.2 liter with the intercoolered garrett turbo II. The engine runs great and the turbo spools up with some serious power still!! Although, recently I noticed...
  9. electronic boost controller/turbo timer

    Turbo Dodge Help
    i have an 89 dodge dayona shelby 2.2 turbo. im looking to invest in a electronic boost controller that also has the turbo timer. or seperate units if i have to. does anyone have any input on good units they use? and any issues or things i may need to install these? car is stock all around.
  10. Engine WTB: engine for my 87 daytona

    Parts Wanted
    ok so im located in charleston south carolina. i'm looking for a complete running engine that doesn't smoke or have any strange noises coming from it and that i can bolt up and go or a long block i can bolt my parts on to. im willing to drive up to 3 hours one way. if there is any one that can...
  11. USA Upper and lower IC hoses, RFL BOV, 1988 T2 SMEC, Light Switch

    Parts For Sale
    I have for sale... 1. Lower intercooler hose for 88–89 TII cars: $50 2. Upper (ribbe) intercooler hose: $20 3. Turbo XS RFL blow-off-valve: $50 4. 1988 Turbo 2 SMEC: $40 5. Headlight switch from 1988 Shelby Z Daytona: $10 All prices are as is or best offer and do not include shipping.
  12. 1987 Daytona Shelby Z $2500

    Cars For Sale
    For Sale is my Beautiful Daytona. in 08853 Branchburg,nj 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z Turbo 2 Engine" BOV ,Double T2 intercooler ,5 Speed A-555 ,Four puck Clutch,Road race springs-1,Koni adjustable on front,3stage boost controller(Gus design)two extra injectors,underdrive pulley, Mopar stage...
  13. Boost 8 psi?

    VNT & Other Turbo Vehicles
    Ok i have a 1989 lebaron t2 supposedly swaped to 2.5 but not 100% sure. i have no mbc and am boosting 8 psi. the wastegate is hooked up straight to the vacuum block. Why would this happen? i hooked it up factory and it just goes into overboost shutdown and hits like 30 psi the same as if i had...
  14. 1989 gtc

    VNT & Other Turbo Vehicles
    Recently I sold my 87 lebaron t1 auto. There is a conv. Turbo gtc 1989 5-speed for sale near me. I am wondering, were the gtc t2 or t1? Thanks, Kyle.
  15. Salvage CHRYSLER LEBARON GT 2.2L 4 1989 for sale

    Board Discussion
    I just happen to find this, and dont know a thing about it. i did not know that this came with this engine... anyone know about these? Salvage CHRYSLER LEBARON GT for sale in OH - CLEVELAND EAST offer $30 1989 year salvage vehicle | Copart Auto Auction Broker Lot 19705121 VIN Decoder vin =...
  16. Turbo 2 head and Turbo 1 block

    Engine - General, Exhaust & Induction
    I have a Turbo 2 top end (head, intake, turbo, intercooler, etc...) out of an '88 or '89 Daytona. My '86 Laser XT has the Turbo 1 engine in it. Can I mate the top end of the Turbo 2 to the bottom end of the Turbo 1 without any major problems? Any help or information would be greatly appreciated...
  17. 1991 Turbo Voyager Build. LOTS-O-Pics!

    Project Log
    Hey guys, I've been lurking around the forums wayyy too long, and figured I needed to post my build thread. Many thanks to all of you on the forum for answering my dumb questions over the past 2 years! I'm also so glad I can post this on here and not have people ask me: " is that "the" SRT-4...
  18. USA Looking for T3 turbo,rear window louevers, and digital ipc

    Parts Wanted
    as the title says guys im looking for a good Garret T3 turbo for an 89' daytona shelby. also am looking for a rear window louever and a digital IPC. PM me or call me at 616-822-8399
  19. USA This time I need a Starter

    Parts Wanted
    Hey guys its me again.. I got my car all back together and went to turn it over and nothing... So I get a hold of the PO and low and behold the starter was going before I bought it.. so Help a brother out.. I need one quickly so I can get this car moving.. So to recap I need a starter that...
  20. fix it or run to the ground

    Board Discussion
    hey, i just recently purchased a dodge daytona for 1000, just needed something to get around, noticed now tht it is a daytona c/s ags a rare model and one of the best, it runs perfect besides instrument panel doesnt work, power steering hose leak, and now found massive rust on floor panels, they...