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  1. Turbo a V6 Omni

    New Member Intros
    Hi fellow Moparians. I'm new to the site. I recently purchased a 1988 Dodge Omni from Columbus, GA. It has a 3.0L 12V V6 swap with a matching 5 speed from a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim, including the computer. The car scoots nicely, however, I always have a need to go faster. I've been reading that...
  2. Performance Mod Retrofitting super chargers?

    Chrysler V6 engines
    I saw on a few 3.0L cars people have swapped super chargers off of 3.8L Ford Thunderbird Super Coupes. It's an Eaton based super charger. One of them towards the bottom of the page: Performance Tips for the MMC 3.0 V-6 And...
  3. 2.5L '89 Daytona is dead, need ideas

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I have a 2.5L '89 Daytona ES with a thrown rod. I'm wanting to do an engine swap and trying to figure out what would be best. Idea #1: Swap a late model DOHC 2.4L (pre-2004) and change out cams and stuff for more power Idea #2: Swap a 3.3/3.8 pushrod V6 into it. Idea #3: Put another...
  4. dodge Dakota 3.9 v6 remote mount turbo

    Engine - Turbo & Block
    I'm looking to do a remote mount turbo on my 98 dodge dakota 3.9 v6 I was wondering if anyone had any information on what size turbo to use what size injectors and where to get them and also any other supporting mods or customizations I'll need. I'm planning on a oil reservoir and oil cooler in...
  5. 1991 Dodge daytona es - $negotiable

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1991 Dodge daytona es for sale, in USA - Pennsylvania. Engine Size: v6 Asking price is $negotiable Is anyone in need of a 91 dodge Daytona es? V6 5sp. Motor is almost shot but spare motor to come with it. Floor boards are rotting out...
  6. 1993 Dodge Daytona ES - $$1300

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title 1993 Dodge Daytona ES for sale ... New Jersey. Mileage: 118000 miles Engine Size: V6 Trans: 4spd Auto Asking $1300 obo I know it isn't a turbo, but its a clean body for an RT restoration. Also great daily driver while you restore your baby...
  7. 1991 Dodge Iroc Daytona - $?

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1991 Dodge Iroc Daytona for sale, in USA - California. Mileage: 120k km Engine Size: v6 Asking price is $? Seller Information: jack lehman Phone: Email: [email protected] This is a nice clean 1991 iroc daytona one of 200 made...
  8. 90 Daytona 3.0 auto for trade of 84 2.2 turbo manual??

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    So I just got my 84 and have not even put it on road yet, needs tires, starter, and major tune up. A friend of a friend offered to trade me his 90 v6. Says the A/C is completely non functional and it needs a turn signal switch. I just got to look at it today and took these pictures. The A/C is...
  9. 1991 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible, Orig. Owner, 61,000 Miles, - $2495

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Clean Title I have a 1991 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible for sale, in USA - New Jersey. Mileage: 61,000 miles VIN: 1C3XJ4531MG113477 Engine Size: V6 Asking price is $$2495 Or Best Offer Listing this for my Father-in-Law. 1991 Chrysler Lebaron Convertible with...
  10. $20 Delrin Plenum Spacers 3.0 V6

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    I've seen a fair amount of interest in plenum spacers lately but at this point they are pretty hard to come by. kmperformance only does them in batches and its hard to organize even a few people to get them in a timely manner. I didn't want to wait so I bought a $20 piece of Delrin off ebay. Yes...
  11. wanna turbo my 3.0.... what exactly is needed?

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    I have a bigger fuel pump, throttle body, ported intake plenum, underdrive pulley, 8mm plug wires, coil relocated to front of intake, getting a 2.5 inch exhaust soon, yada yada yada. then I wanna add some boost! nothing too extreme, but def wanna do this if its possible at a reasonable price...
  12. Bonds Build Thread (Finally)

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
    Well, since everybody has been bugging me to post this, I decided it was time to show the worl. I've put in quite a bit of progress and had meant to create one of these a long while ago, but figured I would do one big series of posts now instead. So here goes: The beginning. Bought the car...
  13. 1992 Dodge Daytona Iroc - $1000 cash

    Cars For Sale
    Category: Domestic Status: Rebuilt I have a 1992 Dodge Daytona Iroc for sale, in USA - Florida. Mileage: 131000 miles VIN: 1b3xw7439nn140747 Engine Size: v6 Asking price is $1000 cash I listed it on ebay the winning bidder didnt want to pay for shipping,so if you need to have it shipped...
  14. 1982 dodge rampage

    Turbo Dodge Help
    does anyone know of any v6 motor that will fit my rampage please help tired of the v4
  15. punked!!!

    Mitsubishi V6 engines
  16. The 4ltr question

    RWD Turbo-Dodge
    Mabye i have v6's on the brain but has anyone looked into putting a jeep 4ltr convert'd in a k or any other fwd car? There are plenty in the yards and they're pretty friggin durable. Just thought that'd b boss!!:thumb:
  17. 3.3 won't start question

    Chrysler V6 engines
    I have a 90 dodge grand caravan 3.3 auto. The starter locks every so often over the last couple years, I back off the key and it starts fine. This morning it locked and then I backed off the key, and i'm not getting any spark now. It won't start, and i'm not sure what is causing it not to start...
  18. Wanted: 5 speed car for cheap

    Cars Wanted
    I have a 94 Dodge Shadow ES with a 3.0 V6 and I'm looking to buy a 5 speed car and do a swap. Let me know the price and the location. I live in central pa., but i can travel if needed. Engine and body cond. dont matter. I have cash and will pick up asap. Please email me [email protected] or...
  19. am i able to change shift point on a 95 spirit?

    Engine Mgmt., Fuel, Spark, EGTs, & Air/Fuel Ratios
    i have a 1995 dodge spirit, i am porting the plenum, as well as putting a bigger throttle body on. i am going to put bigger fuel injectors and fuel pump in as well as a megasquirt fuel management system. from what ive read this will give me a lot more higher end power. here is my problem, i have...
  20. Daytona 2.5 to 3.3 Swap

    Chrysler V6 engines
    Hey Im new to this forum looks like alot of really great people here. I am hoping somebody can help me out...so here it goes: I want to swap my 2.5 non turbo for a 3.3 v6 It is for my son's first car what I have for parts are as follows: A complete running 1990 Caravan 3.3 auto motor and trans...