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  1. Low Vac at Idle / other issues as well

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    Its the 89' T2 Daytona. It reads about 13ish on a non stock boost gauge. I don't have vac leaks. I'm using a vac block, new vac lines. Timing is dead on. Cam timing is also dead on. What could cause low vac? going to check the cat / delete it while i'm there. Its running pig rich *fouling spark...
  2. 3 mini vac lines up top?

    Turbo Dodge Help
    I have a "start to boost then cut out" problem. ive read tons of previous forums on this, and figured it was my lines. all of them are hooked up correctly, EXCEPT one is broken. It is one of the tiny lines that run just behind the valve cover. there is no sucktion on it at iddle, and it is...
  3. Come On! I just need a vac line.

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    Ok, so I've re-wired my entire alcohol injection system. All the electrical has been triple checked individually and comes out clean. My Pressure switch, though it will activate if I blow 2psi into it, will not trip my relay and engage my pump. Everything check's out so this must be a vac...
  4. Vac leak on a 93' daytona 2.5 TBI W/O Turbo

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    alright all lay this out quick because I need to go to work soon. (luckily i'll drive my other car) I was digging around on the car the yesterday seeing if there were and bad hoses because I thought I was hearing an air leak. I found that the former owner had used duck tape on the line that...