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  1. Making the Voyager Great Again

    Project Log
    Picked up this ‘89 Plymouth non-Grand Voyager, 2.5 TBI Auto Pretty clean, from original family, still had window sticker from since-closed local dealer. A/C still works and was about the only option checked lol We just bought it a few months ago and it was desperately in need of suspension and...
  2. Euro Caravan, Voyager Taillights?

    Where can I obtain a set of these for an 84 through 90? Can't seem to find any on eBay.UK, the only ones I'm seeing are third gen and up...
  3. Need a 91 Chrysler LeBaron overhead console wiring diagram

    looking to install an overhead console I got out of a 91 LeBaron and install it in an 1989 Plymouth Voyager. Not to sure if there's a "hidden" plug somewhere that I haven't found yet or if it's just not there.
  4. 89 dodge turbo motor $800 obo

    Parts For Sale
    I have a 2.5L turbo with 110k miles stock and a 2.5L non turbo with 150k miles both forsale for $800 or best offer. Message me for more details thanks
  5. 8 valve head "needs to go"

    Parts For Sale
    i have an 8v head from my 89 caravan turbo (appox 180,000 miles). i'm asking $120 obo or even a trade. i'm looking for a turbo or possibly a manuel trans kit for a min van (trade can include cash either way) Pm with offers