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  1. Cars Wanted
    I’ve been desperately searching for an 87-91 Dodge Daytona. I don’t have a specific trim but I really want to find a tan exterior one. My Dad(who has been gone for 20 years) had one when I was little and I never knew what happened to it. My mom sold it after he had passed away. I doubt the...
  2. Parts Wanted
    Hi my father has a wrecked 84 Daytona, and requires a new front end. He is seeking the 84 Turbo model, not the turbo z. If you have any in the South, or in around Georgia, we can arrange to pick it up. If it is elsewhere then it would need to be shipped. Thank you!
  3. Cars Wanted
    Hey all, I'm looking to buy one of the faster (yes, I know nothing about them, but I'm learning) Dodge Omnis. I will spend no more than $5000. Let me know if you have or know of one for sale. Thanks!
  4. Parts Wanted
    Looking for an A525 transmission in good shape. Mine went in my '85 GLH, so I need a new one! - '87 is preferred. - Lower miles > Higher, obviously. - Can be bare, but good clutch/clutch+flywheel would be a plus. --Located in western PA, about an hour east of Pittsburgh. --Prefer to meet...
  5. Cars Wanted
    Description: My first car ever was a new 1985 DSC ... and I loved that car. Looking for one now to be my 'sunday' or 'nice day' show car. MUSTS: - 1985-1987 turbo DSC - black with silver stripe or garnet red (no blue or silver) - manual transmission - air conditioning (working too) - good to...
  6. Cars Wanted
    Hello. I used to have a new 86 Daytona with digital dash and black leather and T-Roof. Car had all options except for rear wiper because it had louvers. It was Red and an automatic. Does anyone have something close to this or any leads on where else I can search. I would consider a 5 speed...
  7. Cars Wanted
    I have 5,000$ cash in hand and looking for a 92-93 Daytona Iroc R/T. I would prefer the car to be black but the color doesn't matter as long as it's in good shape. Location doesn't matter, I will pick up the car from where you are. The car must be RUST FREE. Car closest to stock is also...
  8. Cars Wanted
    I'm looking for my dream project for my final two semesters of auto tech school. I'm looking for a GLH in TEXAS. If you have one for sale and are within a reasonable distance of TYLER, TX let me know. Thanks for reading.
  9. Parts Wanted
    bought my first car a few months ago. 1992 Daytona ES, and it needs parts. Super tight budget Necesary: Tires (P205/60R15 or whatever will fit. Anything over 15s, i need rims then) Possibly needed: Radio (aftermarket preferred, will take factory no doubt)
  10. Parts Wanted
    So I have an A520 but the Junkyard I got it from drills holes into everything to drain fluids. So i'm in need of a new aluminum pan/cover. I'm not sure which tranny cover's will work but more info is always good. Let me know what you have and price. Thanks for your time. Shipping would be to...
  11. Parts Wanted
    lookin for some tires. P205/60R15. decent amount of tread left, good condition. no punctures, leaks, sidewall damage etc.
  12. Cars Wanted
    I am looking for a 1989 Shelby, Red With T-Tops. Preferably no rust. Email pics. Thanks, [email protected]
  13. Turbo III
    i was wondering were i could find a set of service repair manuals for a 91 spirit r/t? haven't really had any luck finding them anywhere...
  14. Parts Wanted
    As the title states, I need a whole unit. Having a hard time finding one. I am willing to pay a fair bit for one as it is embarrassing with a black bag and tape lol.
  15. Cars Wanted
    Hey guys i have sold a few other vehicles i had and i am now looking for a T3 iroc Daytona or Spirit T3. i live in eastern idaho, willing to travel for it if it's in good shape..dont want to pay more then 3000 unless it's PERFECT..and i mean PERFECT..but i will keep an open mind..let me know...
  16. Parts Wanted
    Looking for a set of window scrapers for a t-top daytona. Willing to pay top dollar. Also looking for any interior parts for a 87-89 daytona with the marroon interior. Thanks
  17. Cars Wanted
    1989 Dodge Daytona Shelby,SC,Ga,NC,areas wanted. Must be original or really close,zero rust,must be black only,T-Tops,leather,must have original build sheet with the car, Running or not doesn`t matter,body condition does. Please email me at [email protected] as I don`t get on here a lot. I also...
  18. Parts Wanted
    I need the main sunroof hardware that holds the glass down to the roof for my 87 daytona/gs. I can pay with paypal or USPS money order. Thanks
  19. Cars Wanted
    Hey guys, looking to buy a turbo minivan.. Don't care what year, how many miles, etc. Prefer running, or close to running condition. Would like to find a 5spd, but I'll settle for an auto if the price is right. Contact me by email ([email protected]), by phone (7326004523), or on here...
1-19 of 19 Results