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I recently acquired this car in a LITERAL Horse-Trade, so I know really nothing about it other than it’s in very good-to-amazing shape... The display for trip/odometer and gear selector is black. Nothing shows at all. Everything else in/on cluster works just fine... even all of them”idiot” lights... lol!!
So....Any ideas?
Can cluster be saved? Or just do a preemptive strike and go ahead and replace?
I was thinking “maybe” bulb(s) inop??
thought about doing the LED backlight and gauge needle swap, but didn’t really wanna do that and then have to tear it out AGAIN to replace entire cluster...
any ideas?
thanks in advance!

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Welcome To TD!!!

Unfortunately I cannot shed any light on your issue other than...
I assume the odometer is a digital display, when I was a Chrysler Tech we were not allowed to replace a cluster without approval from the "tech help desk" and any and all repairs were done by Chrysler or a hired sub contractor, most of the replacement units we received were refurbished units.

There was a quick cluster test that would move all gauge needles and illuminate all displays by the push of buttons on the cluster, unfortunately I have been away from the dealership and working on cars for 10 years and I do not remember what the procedure was.

Also, if you want to be able to make a complete diagnosis you will need access to the FSM's (paper manuals or Alldata Subscription) and a DRB3 or equivalent Scan Tool to be access the Instrument Cluster.
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