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14psi pull on a 2.5 s60

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Last run was at 12tdc timing, 14psi. FWD stg 3bar cal running on a 2bar sensor:confused:
Stock 2.5 bottom re-ringed to repair prior booboo.:bash: removed the balance shafts while in there.:thumb:
Mods are cam timing advanced 4degrees, super 60 turbo, +40s, tu 3in sv, 3in downpipe, self ported swirl head with +1mm ex valves, self ported exhaust manifold, fmic, 3inch charge pipes, untouched 2piece intake and stock throttle body. 91octane pump.

Numbers seem pretty good to me considering the lowish boost and it was through a 3inch exhaust pipe 3in catco and a 3inch dynomax straight through, sucking through a 8inch long K&N cone filter on a 3inch intake pipe. Once I get the fwd cal to read the 3bar map we will see what it can do at 25psi. :thumb:
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The numbers seem a little low especially knowing that it was done on a dynojet dyno.
Next time you dyno, take a long a scan tool like a modis, otc 4000 etc... becuase you need more info/data. With your set-up, you would really benefit from a better cam. The stock is OK, and if you do continue to use it, try running it staright up. Normally if you run a late cam on a early sprocket (centerline changes) and then running it +4 degrees make sense. But a late cam on a late sprocket should be run straight up. The fuel seems lean and it would be nice to see what timing is REALLY doing. I would like to see a correlation between actual map volts and actual timing advance. Plus is the ecu pulling back any timing because it is lean? is there any knock? The dyno graph would have been nice if it corresponded to boost and / or rpm too.
I know when we do custom tune a car on our dyno we take a lot of data, because just lookign at boost anf fuel doesn't tell the whole story. As far as the ecu goes, once we get suffuciant data, changes can be made. Too bad you aren't local, it would be nice to get it on our dyno.

PS for the naysayer about our cals: Our cals are excellent, and yea there will always be a few people that may not 100% satisified, but alot has to do with their set-up and tuning as much as the cal itself. Our cals are in the fastest t-3 (wallace 11.68 and 427whp), the fastest 8v in Canada (shadow 10.99 eta) and hundreds (and maybe thousands at this point) of other racers and daily drivers alike. We wouldn't still be in business if our cals were that bad.....If your friend actually owns one of our cals and is having issues, tell him to call me.
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