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15 years later I'm Back with a new to us 87 Shelby Z.

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Haven't had a turbo dodge in about 15 years. Parted out my last rotted out 86 Turbo Z back then.

My daughter is now 15 and I've been looking for a cheap car for us to work on together, she's in autoshop learning herself now too.

Ended up finding a great condition 1987 Daytona Shelby Z only an hour from us. We got it for $2500 and she's happy as hell! It's even got aluminum louvers like my old one.

It needs some engine work, we were told it overheats, popped a core plug but is still running. Guy popped a new plug in but leaks a bit. I'm assuming it just needs a good clean up, going over prob a rad, T stat etc. Blows a bit of blue smoke at start up likely valve seals.

But the rest of the car is in great shape.

Has a Blue cloth interior, White car, crab wheels, 140k Miles. Its a US car and not a chrysler (most Canadian branded cars).

We've got about 2 years to get it going again.

Going to start with some diagnosing on the engine then pull it. To clean it up etc.

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Pick it up tomorrow morning.

I've been building and wheeling a '79 IH Scout II the last 5 years, just finished an LS swap on it and need to build a full cage.

one tons, 40s, NV4500, doubler, NP205
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We will, she originally wanted Miata but those in half decent shape are in the $8-15k range. Wasn't willing to spend that.

This one should be fun to talkle with her.
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Hauled it home today has been sitting for bout a yesr and a half, resr brakes are sticking, doesn't want to idle well when put in gear and let the clutch out. Got to rev it up a bit.

So there is def some work to do. Least the seat motors worked so I could adjust it!

Had to winch it on. Didn't have enough jam on them wee tires to push itself backward up on.

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Welcome Back To TD!!!
Have fun with the "new to you" Daytona.
If you need/want any info, have any issues, that is what we are here for. (y)
Thanks for the welcome back!
Welcome back! I’ve got an 88 EFI with a blue interior so if you need some interior parts, I’d be happy to let them go before we scrap the car.
Looks like the only 3 pieces I really need are the drive side seat belt buckle cover, the console lid and a drive side upper door drip edge seal.

Its an AC car. Has the original tape deck (doesn't work) the electric door locks aren't working.

Suprisingly the drivers electric seat all functions work.

There must be a leak around the rear window somewhere as when I got it home from trailering it the back was wet (it was a li'l rainy) mind you I was trailering it back end forward so it might have been forcing wet air/rain into the back.

I need to blow out the drains for the moon roof.

The back brakes are semi seized up.

Need to do a compression test on it then see about pulling it all out.

Were going to leave it stock for a bit for her first car other than get rid of PCV and add a BOV.

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This car has a small yellow window sticker bottom left corner says Sunnyvale Chrysler Plymoth. Only reference I can find for a Sunnyvale chrysler dealership is in California.

Pretty neat it was brought into Southern, ON Canada.

Need this weatherstrip piece.

4396060 looks like same piece used from 84-93
Online shows that Marty (user ID Marty Mopar) has 2, is this listing up to date?
You will have to contact him.
Online shows that Marty (user ID Marty Mopar) has 2, is this listing up to date?
You will have to contact him.
Thank you, I did find that site earlier.

He got back to me and has a good used one and two new. I'll let the new ones be saved for someone building a show car!

Thanks for reffering him.
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Trying to find a cool set of wheels for this, crabs are kinda hideous. Looking at 17's probably. Looking for some used ones on marketplace. Found a couple sets of 16s with multinfit wheels. Also found a set of red XXR wheels (15's) thought they might look cool on a white car. Also wonder what gold Subaru style wheels might look on a white car.
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Or thinking of painting the Crab rims black.
I'm a fan of the OEM look....
Never was a fan of the Pacifica package, and I've had crabs on a red turbo Z and they were alright but I had a nice set of polished eagle alloys I had transferred over from my 91, ES that I liked better.

I like the bigger look now, last three cars had 18's (09 caliber and current '11 Ford fusion, and my current '11 F150) I prefer 17's as there are better size options.

But these 15" BFgs on the car are brand new so I'm thinking polish the lips of the crabs and paint the centers black would look good.
Thanks to the @administrator for merging my new and old accounts!
What's your location ?
I'll trade you for the crabs.
These are new with new tires.

View attachment 283744
Delhi,ON Canada.
Got it moved to its resting place for the next couple of years.

-Looks like I blew the front brake lines as the front master is now empty... And the brake light came on.

-The right side signals stay solid so there must be a ground issue.

-Headlights don't flip so the relays likely need to be resoldered.

-one of the 3 relays on the drive side has been jumpered. Will get the diagrams and figure out which one it is and why.

-Ripped the half eaten hood insulation out.

-Then blew out the sun roof drains and the whole taillight end (didn't remove any of them yet to check seals) removed the wheel well bottom plug just to keep sure it keeps draining. One day when it's dry going to spray some rust cure 3000 in there.

-The feed to the heater core is not connected. PO said it was plugged.

-turbo sounds good when running

Next step is, going to be to teach the kiddo to do a compression test. Jack it up, put it on stands, pull tires and brakes. Then get ready to pull the engine, clean it up etc.
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My 85 Laser (2.2 Turbo), 85 Caravan (2.2 NA), and 88 Plymouth Reliant (2.2 NA) all had blocked heater cores. I may just be lucky, but I got all three of them flowing freely by swapping the heater core hoses around and then running calcium-eating radiator flush.
Thanks for the info. No telling how long this one's been unhooked unfortunately. I'll likely pull it and soak it in CLR or the like and check it for leaks.

Since the engine is coming out shouldn't be too big a deal.
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Got it up on stands before the rain come today. That will be its home for quite some time.

Back left brakes seized up, front right seized up.

Likely going to need calipers, hoses and lines all the way around.
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We found super cheap set of MSR 113 wheels 17x7 40 offset. Cheap as in $100. Theyve been run in the winter and are crusty so we will clean em up and get em powdered or just paint em. And anthracite grey or black.

Need to figure out what lugs to buy as they are really narrow holes. Stock lugs too big.

Going to stick 215/45R17s on. Hair taller than stock 225/50R15s but also hair narrower.

Appreciate the trade offered but she liked these better.
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Got the compression test done today...
All are plus/minus 10 psi my harbor freight tester is garb.

125, 125, 125, 100

What seems like major blow by at idle. (no smoke out the valve cover but there is pressure pumping out.

There seems to be some random valve train or internal motor noise that comes and goes.
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Do you have a borescope you can inspect the piston tops with?
I do, totally forgot bout that. Likely black as the plugs were black sooty, running real rich.

Its all stock, 171 LM.

I plan on pulling the head anyways and regasketing it. Need to pull the VC and see if the cam is all right.
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I have 1987-88 Shelby Z rear discs on my Omni.

The rear calipers are no longer available but they can be rebuilt.

I like the parking brake better than the later ones but many don't.

Hmmm. So a blast and paint. Wonder how hard it'd be to upgrade to later 89-93 rears.

Mind you we have zero of these era cars left in the Jyards around here.
Going off memory here, so I'm probably wrong, but I suspect the jumpered relay is for the starter. I did that for awhile, but it would start in gear with an auto.
Looking at photos it's the A/C WOT relay
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