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15 years later I'm Back with a new to us 87 Shelby Z.

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Haven't had a turbo dodge in about 15 years. Parted out my last rotted out 86 Turbo Z back then.

My daughter is now 15 and I've been looking for a cheap car for us to work on together, she's in autoshop learning herself now too.

Ended up finding a great condition 1987 Daytona Shelby Z only an hour from us. We got it for $2500 and she's happy as hell! It's even got aluminum louvers like my old one.

It needs some engine work, we were told it overheats, popped a core plug but is still running. Guy popped a new plug in but leaks a bit. I'm assuming it just needs a good clean up, going over prob a rad, T stat etc. Blows a bit of blue smoke at start up likely valve seals.

But the rest of the car is in great shape.

Has a Blue cloth interior, White car, crab wheels, 140k Miles. Its a US car and not a chrysler (most Canadian branded cars).

We've got about 2 years to get it going again.

Going to start with some diagnosing on the engine then pull it. To clean it up etc.

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Pick it up tomorrow morning.

I've been building and wheeling a '79 IH Scout II the last 5 years, just finished an LS swap on it and need to build a full cage.

one tons, 40s, NV4500, doubler, NP205
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Blasted and painted the cast control arms after removing the bushings.

Put new ball joints in.

Went to put the MEVOTECH bushings in and they were a no go. Way too small by 20- 50 thou.

Piss off.

Put a big order in with Johnny at PB. Hopefully I can catch him before he ships out and get a proper set of bushings.

Edit! Good thing Johnny didn't have .y order shipped out today like he was going to. Got the cast arm bushings added to my order.
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I had the same issue with moog control arm bushingsMoog control arm bushing fitment
The exchange rate sucks, I hear you on the cost of everything but at least wages are up considerably since 20 years ago, I think the biggest issue is cost of raising kids and not so much car parts. I’m glad to hear you could even get the parts you wanted, we seem to be a slowly dying car breed, pretty soon only hoarders like myself will still have parts lol
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