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I bought from a member on here, do not remember the name, he was in WV what I was told was an SRT 4 head and turbo, but had a Stratus intake with it. I decided to try a mockup on a dead 2.2L short block that is still in the car to check some clearances, mainly exhaust manifold and turbo.

What concerned me initially, the exhaust manifold had 10 attaching locations, the one nearest the right end (timing belt end) has been cut off at the upper outer location and the head has no boss there. The left end upper outer hole hasn't even got a place on the head for a fastener either. How do I tell if it is an SRT 4 head and cams?

The other thing I ran into, after setting the head in place with an old gasket under it, the water port to the intake manifold, the lower area where the bottom bolt goes hits the 2.2/2.5L motor mount bracket and the head will not go down against the block.

This will be a long term later on project upgrade on my T2K-CAR.

Any help, and no, I do not want to go buy a 2.4L SRT4 engine, would be appreciated from someone who has done this.


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