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i got all the stickys.. and the pics. thanks up front to the peeps who put that stuff up.

instead of forking over 3 g's to start up a g37sport lease ive decided to have no payments and keep my daytona and build a hybrid.

im looking for information or schematic on the adapter for the dist on cam application so i can use my stock electronics. ive read about fwd performance flashing the rom to make a 16v cal. i think its the easiest way i can go. other question would be can i leave my dist in stock location if i fab an intake that will clear it??

anybody have the information i need?? i looked at the post about the dist to cam adapter but the posts are old and most of the links/pics are dead.

i have a 2.4 dohc head with brand new 2.0 cams, 3 bar map, a set of 2.4 cams, a nice 92 cb, an 89 cb, an 89 t2 crank, a t3 crank , a big ole bb turbo, was looking for suggestions on slugs and rods. thinking im prolly gonna use the t3 crank if it checks out true.

was thinking wiseco pistons but like im a little lost on the rods can i use those h beams that are on FWDperf??

saw the cam pulleys no problem there..

i was also wondering about the bracket for the t-belt tensioner on the right side of the engine. do i have to have it fabbed?? seem most people have the same one/type.

thinking a mild 16v 60+ trim bb turbo 17-22psi not a dd but it will get driven some etc i have a good speed shop to help do the work and an excellent machinist at long last.

thanks in advance.

Neon coilpack with TD distributor and electronics, timing adjustable with distributor<< i think this is what i want, turbovan i need to put you on my xmas card obviously. are you still makeing this setup??

will i be able to use this setup on a sbec?

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I flipped the tensioner around and bolted it to the p/s bracket. Ground flat spots on it then to turn it with a wrench. The idler mounted by the alternator bracket is so the belt clears the thermostat housing.

I am still making adapters, but I'm waiting to hear back from someone to make sure everything is working properly.
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