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Well after a year of not working on my car (got married, bought a house and parent wife) here is what I want to do now. 1989 T1 bottom end 2005 PT head. This is going to be my budget build. I bought a complete engine a few years back for next to nothing. Sold parts off it and made what little money i had into it back. I got a 2.4 out of a Pt Cruiser for free. I work for a Dodge dealer and the warrant company didn't want the core back. It may need crank work but IDK. My plan was going to be 2.4 swap into the Z but I didn't want to mess around with fabricating mounts.

I have been doing as much research on here and other sights about the hybrid 2.5s. There is a ton of post and great info on this sight but there is a lot of dead links that probably had great write ups and how to's, but oh well. I am having a lot of fun doing this while keeping the cost down.

I think my only question I have so far is I read that some have used the Nissan 3.0 V6 cam gears. I have read that FWDP sells them but they are not currently on the site. (Maybe I'm not looking hard enough) But you hybrid guys, have you successfully shaped them?

Well here a currant pic of my car as it waits for the swap.

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