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1973 charger production numbers

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I was wondering what the production numbers are on my 1973 charger is. Here are the specs that I know of.
root beer brown paint
disc brakes in the front.
Eggshell white interior with bucket seats
Column shifter automatic without rallye package cluster.
318 2 bbl
factory ac car
It doesnt have the Opera windows or whatever thay are called.(the small 3 slits in the rear windows)
Normal headlights/taillights and grilles are not the hidden headlight type.
not an SE car.
For some reason it has an all black dash? Is that how it came probably or?
Probably a dime a dozen but it'd still be good to know :)
or if you just know the production numbers period would help!
thanks guys!
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I had an SE 73 Charger back in the day, the opera windows were only on the SE model. The regular Charger has the roll down quarters, which IMO looks better anyway, lol Mine had an all black dash with woodgrain(ish) instrument cluster. As far as the headlights 71 was the last (and only year for the 'coke bottle' body) with hideaway headlamps, on the SE or Brougham line. Had I kept the car i had really wanted to find a 71 SE or Brougham front end with the hideaways for it
my dad got a 73 se , and there is a brougham stamp inside on the door panels , came in (apple green) not sure but bright green , 318 ,rare or not they do not have much value but they still nice cars
until I tryed putting a charger door on an SE , I had no idea they were two diff bodies

at the rear door jam the SE quarter is about an inch taller

charger has 2 body lines on side and SE has 1 continous line from fender to quarter

not sure about charger , but 74 satalite has fixed Q windows - 73's still roll down
(I had a 73 sebring + -buckets / console / tuff wheel - black & white interior)

yes your dash should be all black - same for package shelf and carpet
Back in the day a buddy of mine had a 74 Charger, it's quarter windows rolled down. Looked last night, 2 Pull a Parts near me are showing a 73 and 74 Charger respectively in inventory, not to mention a n 87 Daytona and 85 Charger. I think it's time for a little road trip, lol
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