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well you happen to be in luck well kinda... i have a 73 challenger and a 69 superbee.
the bulkhead connectors.. the junction where all the wires connect to go into the car at the firewall is horrible. also the ammeter wires and the gauge it self is very common to go up in smoke like that both my challenger and my super bee both have. All the volts and amps fromt he alt go through the gauge. which cause it to heat up also the gauge(thinkness) of the wire is way to small for stock and even more so if you have ANY elec ad ons. il look in my files theres a way to bypass the the ammeter so your not running all the juice through it but also have it read properly both my cars have it done but i cant remember exactly how i did it. so i would run a overlay for the charging wire from the alt and upgrade to a much larger wire and the bulkhea connectors are hard to find so if the car is not contours quality completly bypass the bulkhead connector and use a grommet and run a new alt wire.
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