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Weather is warming up so I'll be riding the motorcycle more than driving.

current pa inspection until 1/09 with 92k on it. It has the 2.2L motor with an automatic transmission.

It has:

New Shocks/Struts all the way around
Rebuilt Carb
New spark plugs
New Cap and Rotor
New Plug wires
New Front Brake Pads and Rotors
Rear brakes are good in working condition
Newer Air Filter
Tires are gauged at 6/32
New Fuel Filter.
New Oxygen Sensor

I had to repair the floor for inspection (rust).

It "needs" a muffler due to the fact that I took it off cuz I ran over something. So it's loud lol. I think the choke needs to be adjusted to make it run a little better. I drove it from northern PA to Philly with no problems yesterday and it ran strong.

This omni isn't pretty but it would be good for someone who wanted to put their project in the garage and still have a daily runner. Interior shows its age.

I'd like to get $550 but am willing to move.

I'll get pictures if there is interest

e-mail is good or pm me here
[email protected]
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