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Im selling my 1984 New yorker project car seen ( Http://cardomain.com/id/fyres84ny ) here because i am getting a new car, and i finally dont wanna deal with it. ive kept it for two years, ive added and removed good and bad parts, there spare stuff in the back seat, its got a Blown HG at a water jacket i suspect, it lost coolant, but it doesnt over heat, no oil in water or vice versa, starts runs and drives, just not eaisily, you have to gun the gas to the floor for a second to clean it out when you start it, when warm its fine. needs HG and brake work to be driveable. tabbed to 05 Located in Lakewood, WA 98499 you pick it up. $350.00 firm, ive got WAY more into it pm me on forums if interested and ill give you my phone, we can talk. it blows smoke out the tail pipe, that is probably the coolant. cash only, no scammers.


**LET ME SAY ONCE AGAIN, this car RUNS DRIVES AND STOPS, however the car makes a clunking noise going backwards and its front brakes are not working very well, so unless you have spare rotors and pads to put on, i wouldnt suggest driving it home. **
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