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Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1984 Dodge Rampage for sale, in Albany, NY

Mileage: 138,900 miles

Asking price is $5500

Seller Information: John Nicholas
Phone: (518) 573-2372
Email: [email protected]

Hi everyone. I am considering selling my Rampage. Before I eBay it, I was wondering if someone here may be interested. It's a 1984 and it is in great shape. The previous owner spent a fortune restoring it. I played with it for a summer and now I am thinking about moving on. I have way too many projects right now. I was also going to Shelby it up a little and have actually secured a nice set of Shelby seats and door panels as well as a center console. If anyone is interested, I have tons of pictures and some parts (I started hoarding and so did the previous owner) and memorabilia I will throw in to this group. It has 139K on it, but it's been restored and rebuilt. Here's a picture of when I bought it. Only difference now is that I have refinished Dodge Aries wheels on it. I have the original wheels and centers. I also have a set of fender skirts! Thanks everyone. Give me a call if interested at 518-573-2372. John


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