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1984 Rampage/Shelby Charger power window setup

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Need all the items to convert Rampage to a power window setup. Am told with minor modification Daytona mechanisms will work. Not sure how prevelant power windows were on Shelby Charger so may have to modify system from another model to fit Rampage.
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You may be able to use the motor and get away with that only, I remember the Charger 2.2 I had years ago and the part that rolls up the window was a solid arm. You might be able to put the motor's gears on to that and see if it will work.Or try a P body's and see if may work, I wanted Power windows in my Charger 2.2 too back then ( in 1983 ) and the dealer said it couldn't be done so I traded in the Charger for a Daytona Z about a week later.
i am going to be honest here, i dont think i have ever seen a L-body with power windows only mechanical
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