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Hey Guys, Normally do alot of lurking around here and I must thank everyone for all the good info but the time has come to sell my car due to some other things going on.

1985 Dodge daytona turbo 5 speed. Car has no ac or power steering.

-Ported intake and exhaust manifolds.
New turbine housing
all new oil and coolant lines to turbo
rebuilt head
+40 injectors
fmic and all piping already run it just needs a bov
mopar 005 head gasket
new plugs wires timing belt. etc
turbonetics 2.5 swingvalve
3inch downpipe (uninstalled)
Mopar performance computer glhs stage 2
I am told it also has a centeforce clutch
The bad: Because it has no downpipe on it it is ridiculously loud.

Runs kind of rough because distributor timing needs to be adjusted with a light.

Also a stupid mistake on my part. When mounting the intercooler I was so worried about bumper clearence I never checked the hood. I realized the hood doesnt latch down all the way FMIC just needs to be adjusted

+40 injectors might be a little to much fuel

The car would need to be towed or trailered. Can start and will run though.

I originally bought this car and had every intention of finishing it and making it my own street car but since have attained other vehicles and now realized I can't really keep all these cars.

Body is in very good shape especially for a 1985. No rust either. Sat in a garage most of its life and for as long as I have had it up until a few weeks ago.

Also The title says the car has 175xxx but when I pulled the head all was good in the engine no burning oil or anything and the car was also previously owned by an enthusiast so I am unsure of what is and isn't original.

1500$$ I have pics somewhere... Email me at [email protected]
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