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Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1985 Dodge GLH for sale, in Ontario - Region B.

Engine Size: 2.2 Turbo

Asking price is $1500 OBO

Please message me for pictures! It would not let me put them on here, or you can find photos on craigslist here: https://modesto.craigslist.org/cto/d/1985-dodge-glh-turbo/6547885672.html

This example is a good starter car project for anyone looking for a fun little weekend car. IT IS LOCATED IN THE CENTRAL VALLEY OF CALIFORNIA! NOT CANADA! Is smogged and registered but I recently had to take the fuel pump out for my current project. Otherwise is a runner.


Car runs and Drives!
New Tires: Hankook 195-50-15
New Battery
New Starter
All glass is in good condition, no cracks.
New fuel pressure regulator
New spark plugs and wires
Aftermarket Mopar Performance Logic Module, adds boost = power! (original Logic Module included)
NEW REMAN HEAD!!! (More on this later)
New calipers and pads on the front
All matching wheels in good shape!
Comes with many odds and ends!
Turbo back flowmaster exhaust
Have plastics and most trim including ground effects
Upgraded shift linkage to ball joints
Passed CA Smog


Needs Fuel pump to get back on the road (had one in it but took it for current project)
Paints rough with some dents on back hatch
Ripped upholstery
Missing headliner
Missing antenna
Surface rust spots
Missing front door panels
Windshield wiper linkage broken (simple fix)
Oil weeps from cam seal
PCV valve needs replacing, causing a pretty decent oil leak out of the breather under hard pulls
RPM was working now doesn't... wire issue
Fuel works!
Speedometer was working now doesn't... think connection is loose on back of cluster
Temperature doesn't
Oil pressure works!
Battery voltage works!
Logic module plug has loose wire that causes charging issue. Needs a new terminal insert.
A/C is missing
No air or heater
Speakers removed, not sure if this is why radio is not working but have a few speakers to go with it.
Idle is a tad high, may be vacuum leak
Fog lights don't turn on
Brake lights don't work when headlights are on but work when they are off....
Horn doesn't work
AAAnd the reason for new head:
Found a damaged plug on #2 injector. I think it came loose leaning out the cylinder and burned the exhaust valve. Did a compression test and:
#1 130 psi
#2 40 psi
#3 130 psi
#4 130 psi

Then a wet compression test:
#1 130 psi
#2 40-60 psi
#3 130 psi
#4 130 psi

This shoes that the rings are sealing well, and pressure is escaping somewhere else, most likely the exhaust valve.
This is why I bought a refurbished 445 head for the car to just swap out. Otherwise the lower end seems good. The car runs good and drives well.

That's about all I can say about the car but please ask if you have any questions!
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