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I have a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH-T for sale, in USA - Minnesota.

Engine Size: 2.2L

Asking price is $1750

Username: RJ138
Full Name: Ryan Johnson
City, State, Zip: Eagan, MN 55122
Contact: Post in thread or PM for personal contact
Selling or Wanted Price: $1,750

Description: 1985 Dodge Omni GLH-Turbo

Testing waters here before this car gets parted and crushed...

Okay, I picked this up to use as a parts car but figured I would throw it up here before I rip it apart. Maybe someone wants a fun little car that needs some love. First I need to get the disclaimer out of the way... It is a Minnesota car and wears it proudly. This means I can touch carpet from under the car, there was a hole in the roof someone sealed up, there is a hole on the rear passenger rocker, pretty much every panel has some sort of rust on it somewhere, interior is nothing to write home about but the paint still looks shiny. Now that I have that out of the way and have probably lost everyone's interest... Here are some of the good bits:

Its a GLH-Turbo!
~6,000 miles on rebuild, forged crank, T2 rods, but Keith Black pistons.
A520 trans, newer clutch, pressure plate and surfaced flywheel. Cables/shifter are sticky.
Garrett turbo, T2 radiator/intercooler, talon BOV, vacuum block, fresh silicone vacuum lines, manual boost controller.
Adjustable fuel regulator
2.5" exhaust with only a cat
New starter, new power module, modified injector harness, stage 2 LM
Boost and air fuel gauge on a pillar pod
Poly mounts, side and front
Shelby Lancer wheels, no center caps

I bought the car with the timing way out of whack. We re timed it and got the car running decent but has a semi high idle (~1,200 rpm) and lacked boost on a test drive (~2 psi). Being that I was going to use the car for parts I have not bought new plates/tabs for it or put insurance on it. Hence why I have not taken it out more to work the bugs out. A little work and it could be a fun car for someone, for me it is an organ donor and it's days are numbered...

The pictures make it look decent but I don't want them to deceive you. The car has dents and the car has rust. Let me know if you want more detailed photos and I will gladly take them for you. If interested let me know. (I am not sure the photos are going to work... I can update later). Interested? Speak up as I might start tearing it apart this weekend (July 4th).
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