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I have a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH-T for sale, in USA - Oregon.

Asking price is $800

Alright, I need some money right quick so this is up for grab for the next 2 days.. 85 GLH-T, needs bottom end, has a good swirl head and a t2 garret on it, hasn't run since set up, the bottom end was crap, and I tried to slap the bottom end back together and it doesn't want to rotate much. Anyway I want 800 for it with the top end on it, if you don't want the top end I may be able to let it go for a bit less. Anyway its sitting around and needs to either be fixed or someone needs to take it away and do something with it!

Ive only got these two pictures, right now the car has some junk sitting in it, blankets and car parts, Ill take care of those, the interior is far from mint, glove box door is broken, smells funny from sitting around, had mice at some point, really the interior should be stripped and cleaned.
Anyway its got one minor dent in the back right, you can kind of see it in the picture. and some shopping cart dings, maaco paint job, but it would make an awesome project, or a race car.

You know you want to buy it, email me or pm me.
[email protected] if you send me your number I will call you.

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