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1985 Dodge Omni GLH turbo - $1000

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I have a 1985 Dodge Omni GLH turbo for sale, in USA - Maryland.

Mileage: 120000 miles

Asking price is $1000

Needs some tlc, but most of all it runs good. Just put four new tires, fresh tune up, new gas tank. I can email pictures upon request. Also comes with another engine/trans, few body parts and extra set of wheels
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So you fixed the driveability problems you were having a few months ago?
Post up what color the thing is and more details please.
what size engine and thats a turbo 1 or 2 car which trans and what other engine and trans come with it
please send pics to [email protected] - I am interested.
Might as well send pictures to [email protected] too, I would like to have another one.

No pictures, always a scam. Probably listed on Craigslist!
sounds almost to good to be true .
please contact me and please send pictures .
is a thou enough?
[email protected]
I bought this Omni It was black with grey int. The car has been stripped to the shell and has had new floors . All new wndow seals. new winsheild .

Complete drive train was redone the Problem we found with the motor was a dropped valve guide.

The inside harness was totally shot as ere all the switches and guages, from the roof and winshield leaking .Everything was replaced. with new. as was the heater box, core. vacuum lines and controls.

The roof skin and windshield frame were also professionally replaced

New suspension and 3 inch exhaust, 3 inch swingvave with new turbo. Rebult trans and new clutch. The car is getting painted this week and should be done.

Oh yeah I also removed the trailer hitch.

The reason the car didn't run right was because of the air intake tube missing and the coolant temp sensor. Akso the wires coming out of the distributor were pincnched and shorted. The car runs and drives loke a new car now.

The interior is being change to all maroon every thing MOS or perfect used./ I would like to get a hold of the guy I bought it from to send him some progress pics if anyone kmows how to get a hold of him.

The super charged glh we had is now been converted to a T2 with a ton of mods. The red GHLT is next to get a face lift.


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Sorry I haven't been on. I will send pictures to all email addresses posted. You can also email me at [email protected] or call me at 3019921399. It is silver with red interior, 5speed.

V8power, you didnt buy this omni unless someone stuck one back in its place. lol
Car is located in Hagerstown, Md
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