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I have a 1985 Sante Fe Blue GLH Turbo that I have decided I just do not need.

I have 7 vehicles, and 3 of them HAVE to go. One of them being this car.

I just bought this from a friend about a just over a month ago. It sat for several years in his garage and has had about 800 miles or so put on it since 2001.

The good.
-GLH T :thumb:
-Sante Fe Blue
-Interior like new (has had 80s style seat covers on the front/back since new)
-80,800 miles
-2Bar map just replaced (it had a 1bar map installed... reason why it didnt run right and reason why my friend sold it)
-New plugs
-New wires
-New Cap/rotor
-New FPR on fuel rail
-Oil just changed
-Boosts to 6PSI (my SRT-4 boost gauge is not included)
-Starts right up first time every time, engine nice and quiet
-No mods ever
-Original keys, original paper work, original owners manual, many receipts.

The not so good
-Paint peel
-Tach doesnt work
-Fan/Heater/AC switch doesnt work
-Car stumbles after a few mins of driving, I can shut the car off and start it right back up and it drives fine again.
-Small rust bubbles on front corner of hood, and rear wheel well. Small surface rust spot on rear hatch where pain peeled away and moisture sat. Nothing that cant be fixed.

Reason for sale, I have too many vehicles and this is just another one to distract me from two others that need attention. One being an SRT swap in my NYG Neon.

Title in hand, clean and clear. Terms CASH, Price $1999 Located St Paul area of Minnesota

Located in St Paul area Minnesota $1999

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OOOhh... Me Likey...

and the armrest looks to be intact... is it?

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I have a couple of questions if you, or maybe the PO, can answer them.
1. It says no mods ever, but it looks like the map sensor has been moved under the hood,near the solenoids ( like the one in my post "What did I buy?)
and I'm wondering was the LM changed also?
2. The interior looks awesome. Did he change anything else when he installed
the newer ('87 +) one piece door panels?

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The car was sold.

Ive been doing the whole wedding thing for my brother all weekend.

The LM is stock, the map was moved under the hood. There are/were no mods done to the car, as moving the map under the hood I dont see a perfomance gain of any kind.

The door panels, I have no idea what the deal is with those, my buddy did not change them.

If I could edit my original post to state its sold I would.
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