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1986 2.2 turbo solonoid 4 pack, ?

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Where can i get one? Help please.
Or shimes to quiet up my rockers?

Any and all help would be appreciated
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Welcome To TD!!!
Where in N.J. are you located?

You will never get your rockers completely quiet because you have a slider cam.
You can change over to a roller cam and roller rockers.
hey if you need solenoids I have some that I just took off doing 88 t2 swap
and NAJ is right old motor had slider cam and valvetrain was noisy new motor I have roller cam and night and day difference
Bayville currently naj....
Taco def interested,,,
The idle sound kills me,,,
According to Google you are 60 miles from me in Lindenwold(Blackwood, Clementon, Pine Hill, 08021)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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