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I have a 1986 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z C/S for sale, in USA - Texas.

Mileage: over 100000 miles
Engine Size: 2.5 I/C T-1

Asking price is $2700.00 obo

Seller Information: Billy Knowles
Phone: (210) 241-3979
Email: [email protected]

86 Turbo Z C/S, c/s badges are gone. recently bought back from my mech. i was the 3rd owner now, im the 5th, and car is scary to drive. 2.2 got hand grenaded, so he swapped in a 2.5 and intercooled it, and used the 2.2 garrett turbo. put in a 520 trans, he added a 5th injector, and a few parts from Forward Motion, roller cam, rods, crank, only thing is it still has cast pistons. But damn it runs like a top. I turned the timing back down to between 4-6 degrees, it was way above 12, kept getting valve train rattle. but its all good now, reset the idle, and turned the boost back to i think it hits between 12-14 psi, not sure, stock boost gause just lays over. Aftermarket boost gauge hits at 11-13. also dual gauge pod i installed, along with A/F gauge and boost/vac gauges in pod. Has aftermarket seat covers as the originals are shot, seat covers match the interior though really well. car has brand new, less that 300 mile BFG's 225/50r/15's, i fixed the power windows with new tape, new headlights, new hoses and fuel lines where needed, new fuel filter, new master cylinder, has 190 ltr per hr fuel pump. Also the performance computer in the car now, is also from Forward Motion. Car has no a/c components at all. Will need paint, has clean Texas title in hand, car can go anywhere asking 2700 obo,,,,i aint got time to post pics on here or the equipment to do so. please txt me or call, and ill send pics via phone.

Also i forgot, EVERY AND I MEAN EVERY extra part i got goes with the car, i want it all gone, 2 mitsu turbos, I/C louvers, the rear seats i took out, the rear sunvisor option i took out its there also, 2 extra fuel pumps, set of Nitto NT-450 tires, extra cyl head, and intake also and the stock perf. and Mopar perf. computers. And Misc. parts i want it all gone.

And this is a sale ad, i didnt ask for comments on the engine build as i didnt build the damn thing. Please keep your comments to yourself and your own ride, all cars are different, and since none of you have ever driven this car, you dont know how it runs or drives, thank you. I think you moderators need to do your job a little better, and keep comments off a posted ad for sale area.

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Didn't the 86 still have the 'G' bathtub head? If it's running now a 782 head the ECU thinks its got a G head on it and it will not have the right fuel or timing curve..

Thats exactly what I've got and it rattles on high boost spirited driving. Turning the distributor timing back helps at the cost of some of the kick in the pants acceleration.

So if 86 was still a G head year, only a custom cal will fix your rattle.
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