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1986 Dodge OMNI GLH T TII 4WDB! - $$2000.00 obo

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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1986 Dodge OMNI GLH T TII 4WDB! for sale, in USA - Illinois.

Mileage: 100000 miles
VIN: 1234567891011
Engine Size: 2.2L T2

Asking price is $$2000.00 obo

Seller Information: Derek Baer
Phone: (520) 730-8699
Email: [email protected]

Thought I'd run this on here for a few days before putting it on FeeBay.

1986 GLH T southern Tennessee body painted original red last spring. Custom painted taillights (legal in Illinois) All trim redone or refinished. Horizon grill, needs amber turn signal lenses; broken(painted black to see what it would look like smoked as the taillights) Has all wiring converted correctly to T2. Neon SRT4 FMIC mocked up and front bumper cut to INTERCOOLER.
I have the rear bumper for buyer.

Welded patches and finished over bumper holes on rear and side rear marker lights. I made these custom touches because I was building this GLHT for myself... Life changes and so do priorities. I will not have time to get her finished and don't want to shove it outside being all fresh.

Needs engine block, pistons, connecting rods. Has rebuilt head w/Super 60 cam 1 piece intake Super 60 Turbo and 40lb injectors. Mopar Performance computer.

Full 4 wheel disc break set up off of VNT 89 LeBaron GTC along with 16" lace wheels (look like BBS/Inkies) and 40series tires (mockup tires) stock springs (fronts cut 1.5 coils)

Interior is all there but the seats need redone. (Didn't get that far)
Interior is missing -
- headliner cardboard
- glove box door
- pass front door sill plate(black plastic)

With a bottom end and a good weekend you could be cruising this ride! I have done all of the really hard work, the car isn't a show car but will stand tall next to any car at any show!

TXT 520-730-8699

Trades entertained - would like to have a 89-90 Shadow ES turbo - 2 door 5 speed preferred but auto or 4 door considered. TRADE MUST RUN WELL!!!


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Int pic


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Has a new grant GT Tuff wheel with a 1970 Tuff Wheel adaptor. Looks and feels good!


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Just a few questions
does the car have a/c controls in the dash with the coil?
Is there a trans in the car?
It's a no A/C car from the factory and yes the trans is with the car.
It was gone through probably 6-7 years ago and the car was parked 4-5 years ago.
$1,900 obo?

Come on guys and gals, I need to move this GLHT.
There isn't a better deal on an Omni GLHT anywhere.
I want it to go to one of you instead of going on FeBay!
your asking 2,000 obo for the GLH what all does that include with the car is it complete or?? project
your asking 2,000 obo for the GLH what all does that include with the car is it complete or?? project
The car is missing the block and rotating assembly. Yes because it is missing the engine block I would consider it a project.

Everything else is there! Bolt my head w/Super 60 Turbo on your short block bolt the included original transmission to that put it in the engine bay and go!


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GOING ON FeBay this Sunday! - $$2000.00 obo

I'll post the link Sunday but don't wait, there will be a reserve and I'm ready to deal now!!!
its on feBay!


Someone take this thing, there isn't a better starting point than this car for the money (And I'm very negotiable!!) on here or any where. i know someone has a shortblock that needs a fun good looking home!

call me - 520-730-8699


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A better rear shot, the shots earlier were while i was still working on the build


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Man, if you were closer would drop a shortblock in it and be running.
Bump for price drop $1,800 on FeBay and ends at 8pm!
Or let's talk!!!
As of now it's met the $1800 reserve price, so as long as it is a paying bidder…Its sold… Unless someone wants to step the bidding up!:thumb:
Been watching this car for a month...I'm in the middle of a house purchase/resto, but if I'd seen this car last year it would have been mine. Congrats on your sale!
It was a really cool car, it's getting a heck of a lot more motor than I ever expected now! It's in Iowa and the new owner has a killer full drivetrain for it.
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