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1986 LeBaron Wagon

I have been attempting to fiddle with the liftgate release button in my glove box for a while.. most of the connections were fine -- I replaced the relay with a "standard" brand relay (HR-151) and still having trouble troubleshooting what-all might be wrong..

I am suspecting it might be the Liftgate Release Solenoid (possibly Part# 4246874)

Now, I am no electrician nor a professional mechanic -- but I have done a fairshare of youtubing and forum reading.

There is a black 14g wire that leads back to the solenoid, I (being of some-what sound mind) used a sewing needle to prick into the wire and test if any power was being sent down line when the keys were in ACC and the "open gate" button clicked. My tester read -6Volts (now I am not sure if the negative could of been because of my lead orientation or what)

Does -6 Volts or 6 Volts sound accurate for something like this?

Is it possible my reading was bad because i used a sewing needle to prick the wire to get a reading?

Does anyone know if there is a good way to test a solenoid without necessarily taking the assembly apart?

Would a solenoid from a 1986 S-body be compatible with a 1986 Lebaron wagon?

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