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Here it is guys I have some job issues so my I need to liquidates some of my stuff and the my baby is on the block. Here is what it is.

1986 Dodge Omni GLHT

The list
2.5 foward motion enforcer motor
.020 over JEs will even throw in the spare just incase you get to nuts
Main and head studs
Menigon ported G head 1mm over valves
PT lifters
brand new roller cam
adjustable cam pulley
NPR intercooler
super 70 turbo
ported intake
ported exahust
3 inch exhaust
dynomax muffler
sump in fuel tank
twin 3/8s fuel lines
ajustable fuel regulator
full flow fuel rail
A555 tranny
poly motor mounts
Quaife posi
special shortened shifter
Dawes device A/F guage
Autometer EGT, boost guage
speedo overlay
24psi Paul Vilikey computer
52pph injectors
lowering springs
Enkei wheels z rated rubber
4 wheel disk
steel braided lines
high powered head lights
and the list goes on......

This is my daily driver and when I say daily driver it starts and runs everymorning. Idles like honda and pulls like a vette all getting 22mpg. I am a Top fuel Mechanic so it has got the best of everthing since I bought it a couple years back. The only reason I am selling it is that I have some job issues right now and need some money to be able to move when I need to. The only bad thing on this car is that it has a little rust drivers side drip rail, and on the passengers side door. Both foot boxes have been patched. I stripped the interior and sound deadended and rust proofed it from front to back. I will have a sony explode stereo and sony explode speakers in it. If you are looking for very fast reliable Omni this is the one. It can be driven anywhere I just talked to my Cousin in Oregon this morning to give him first dibbs and was going to drive it to him. I would drive it anywhere just the way it is right now.

I am looking for $7500 OBO when I say OBO I mean it make an offer and you might be suprised or might even partial trade for another turbo dodge or a good running Honda maybe smaller truck. If you are looking to upgrade let me know what you have maybe we can work something out. I have one pic on my myspace at myspace.com/nitromechanic. I will post somemore tomarrow. Give me a call at 509-679-0765.

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I work for Clay Millican. I will have more pics up this afternoon. I am at the track so much I hate going down there when I am home. I did run it once though and once it hooked up about 80ft in third gear. It whistled past the GT mustang in the other lane that treed me and was out on me about a car length and ran 14.50 at 105mph. Just to give you an idea one of the other guys at the shop has a SRT10 Viper truck. He cant pull away from me and I cant pull away from him. That is with the timeing at 0 so I can run pump gas with out it pinging. Dump some race gas in turn up timeing and bolt on the slicks and you are ready.
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