1986 Shelby Charger

I hate to sell this because I'll probably have to go find another one in a few years but I need to make room on the yard. I picked this up late last summer as a purchase of opportunity hoping to get it to driver status or as a doner car for one of my Rampage projects. Neither has happened yet. I have a title that I haven't put into my name, so it can be transferred if wanted/needed to anyone.

It runs and move on the yard. Actually a friend drove it home (30+ miles) for me last summer before I got back from Afghanistan. It ran a little warm but OK on the highway. The codes it kicks out are 24 and 36 I have replaced the TPS, checked and verified all the wires and voltages are good and it comes back almost instantly when cleared. The cooling fan won't kick on like it should. The shift linkage is supper sloppy. There is rust on the car but not bad at all for this part of the country. There is a lower front cover, not in the greatest shape. Carpet is gone but the rest of the interior is there. Youtube link below.

$1000 I'm firm on that price simply due to the parts value. I'm in SW Minnesota.