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1987 Shelby GLHS; 1989 Shelby CSX
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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1986 Shelby GLHS for sale, in British Columbia - Coast.

Mileage: 103000 miles
Engine Size: 2.2

Asking price is $2600

For Sale is a 1986 Shelby GLHS project. Original California Car currently located in San Francisco. The car spent most of its life in the hot Cali Central Valley, which means that it is sun baked and virtually rust free. It was running great until winter. It now runs great 50% of the time. The other half, it loses power. Medical issues have prevented me from working on it or even driving it much, so it is time to find somebody else to bring the car back to its former glory. Below are more specific details about the car.

In 2006 the engine was rebuilt to factory specs and was finally installed in the car in 2012 by the previous owner (I have receipts). New timing belt, water pump, starter, radiator, clutch. About 1000 miles on the new engine since installed, chassis has just over 103k. Car was driven a little in 2014 and was non-op’ed until Fall 2016.

Factory Intercooler with stock Garrett Turbo. You feel the turbo at about 2100 RPM and it pulls hard. Per the previous owner, the turbo had no extra play in the shaft when it was inspected 1000 miles ago.

The engine is stock but the exhaust is a 3" swing valve, downpipe, new catalytic converter and 2.5" pipe back.

The transmission is a factory 525 with new OEM linkage bushings - good firm feel and shifts well with no grinding. There is a leak near the axle shaft.
The radiator is new with all new hard to find GLHS hoses attached. There is an occasional coolant weep from where the lower radiator hose attaches.

Brakes work well, good pads, shoes, firm pedal with new fluid.

Original rear Koni shocks are in good condition, firm. Front Koni's need to be rebuilt and are included but there is a new set of Gabriels up front.

Steering works well but is leaking fluid from where the hose attaches on the back of the pump.

No accidents, body is straight with 4 tiny parking lot dings in the left passenger door area. All glass is good, no cracks or chips.

CA car entire life, only rust is on the top where the paint got thin and on the door window frames, but just surface stuff. (photos are of the roof before rust was addressed)

On the inside, the interior is complete, but the seat fabric in front has melted away from sun exposure. The rear seat fabric has wear and a tear on the bottom and the top of the seatback is sun damaged. The headliner fabric is missing. Dash and center console are pretty nice, all gauges work (though the tach is occasionally flaky). Heater, blower, work. A/C was removed from the car. Electrical system is good, all lights work, charging system is solid. Battery good. Wipers/windshield sprayer only items not working. The aftermarket radio works, but is ancient.

New Distributor Pick-up (HEP), Vehicle Speed Sensor, Idle Speed Control Motor, and horn relay recently installed.

Almost of the Shelby Stuff is present – Number plate, Koni’s, Shelby leather wrapped steering wheel, Speedometer 135 MPH decal, Momo Shift knob, etc. Only thing known missing is the Mobil 1 tag on the valve cover. The original Shelby Centurion I wheels will be on the car ONLY IF the asking price is met. If not, the car will be sold wearing Shelby Centurion II wheels.

The tires are old. You should plan to tow the car unless the tires are replaced and power loss issue is addressed. I did drive it back 200 miles from the Central Valley late last summer, but I would not recommend it given the old tires (on either set of wheels)

Overall, pretty good unmolested project that needs a little more sorting out to be a daily driver. Will also include some extra parts that I have been rounding up over the past few months that were either missing or needing upgrade.
I have owned this car since last September. I purchased it from another Turbo Dodge Member with intent to make a daily driver/long distance driving car out of it. Unfortunately, some medical issues have been preventing me working on the car and driving it. Thus, it is time to find another Turbo Dodge Enthusiast who will continue working towards bringing this rare car back to its former glory. Clean CA title in hand. Registration is current and car last passed Cali enhanced smog inspection last September (about 300 miles ago/smog print out available). It will be up to the buyer to smog tho. There have not been any modifications at all since last smog check other than some stock replacement parts. I simply don’t have the resources to put anymore into this car.

More photos available at:

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1987 Shelby GLHS; 1989 Shelby CSX
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