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Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1987 Dodge Daytona Pacifica T top manual for sale, in Ohio

Mileage: 117900 miles
VIN: 1B3BA54EXHG198020
Engine Size: 2.2 turbo

Asking price is $2300

Seller Information: randy trott
Phone: (614) 736-9006
Email: [email protected]

I acquired this car from the family of the first owner and the car has spent its entire life in Virginia so it is a exceptionally clean body and frame for being 30+ years old. This car is all original and almost all the parts that you can't find are there and just need freshened or refinished. I bought this and just do not have the time to go through and restore it so I am listing for sale. I looked for years for a Daytona and all I found were cars with a ton rust issues for $1k and I knew I did not want to go through the work to cut and replace floor and body panels so when this one became available I bought it being it needs none of that. This car was placed into storage in the early 2000's when the original owner suddenly passed away and the family did not want to sell it. They were located in MI so there is a title transfer to MI but the car never left VA that I am aware of. It sat until October 2018 when I had it transported from Virginia to Ohio. I had a Chrysler dealer install a new timing belt, flush the cooling system, change the oil, new plugs, wires, new hatch struts, do a compression check, replace the vacuum lines and bleed the brakes. The car fired right up. I have driven the car about 20 miles since and it runs a little rich but I did have a few codes pop up. The fan has been hard wired to a switch inside on the console(fan relay is bad). The car of course needs attention as it has sat for a very long time.

Current codes displayed-22-coolant sensor,35-radiator fan relay,52-o2 feedback sensor

Some of the items that I noticed when I drove the car- front struts are frozen, rear shocks need replaced, AC is hot, headlights do not go up, the front seats will need leather work(rears are perfect), seats belts will need attention as the are seized up, windows are slow but work, the vent fan control switch is missing, the trip computer is inop, headliner is starting to drop, the miles are listed as actual but the odometer does not advance while driving.

The T-tops were sealed with caulk so I removed all of that but I would assume they leak and will need new seals. The glass and latches are in good shape. ALL of the trim around the tops is there and in very good condition (very hard to find if not). The trim under the door windows is there but each side has a crack that can be fixed and refinished. It will need new window scrapers at the base of each side glass.

The car has been hit in the past so the front half has decent (except front bumper is peeling)paint but the roof and back half is original which is weathered and dull. There is no signs of any repairs to frame heads or rails so I assume it was minor. The car will need to be repainted in my opinion to make it right. All 4 wheels are original to the car and the tires have good tread but of course are aged themselves.

This car is the perfect car for someone to bring back being that everything is there and you will not need to source a ton of hard to find parts nor do expensive rust repair.

This car is VERY nice but please do not think you are going to have a daily driver right off. This car deserves to be brought back by someone that can appreciate what it is. This car is sold as is, any in person inspection is welcome, I have tried to disclose anything that I see but there may be things unseen of course.

I would recommend trailering the car due to the items I have noticed it needed.

I am new here but have a lot of sales over on Ebay, Corvette forum and Rennlist through the years if you would like a reference. I have a lot more pictures that I can forward to serious buyers if needed.

Please feel free to reach me at 614-736-9006, I do not get to the forum often and this is the fastest way. the car is located just outside of Columbus Ohio.

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