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1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z - $2500.00 O.B.O.

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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1987 Dodge Daytona Shelby Z for sale, in USA - New York.

Engine Size: 2.2L T2

Asking price is $2500.00 O.B.O.

Seller Information: Phil
Phone: (845) 857-6070

I'm posting this for a friend, you will have to contact him about the specifics, you can call him at 845-857-6070. He also gets text and picture messages at the number. The car is located in Marlboro, NY.

It's a 1987 Daytona Shelby Z, 2.2L T2 5 speed.

The pictures will have to do most of the talking for now, for more information contact Phil at the number given above.


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im the ower of this car. was bought for my 16yr old nephew and due to unfortunate situation were in this car has to go! Car runs and drives, just needs some cosmedic repairs. u can pm me here Phil Macchio, email my cell at [email protected] or call or txt me at 845-857-6070, my phone is alway on day and nite! Car still shines new and int is in over all great shape! contact me directly for any and all info. thank u!
wall mart. needs a radio, i do have a factory chysler cd player out of my 2000 caravan. can throw that in if u want it. i believe it will need door pins or bushing. doors drop a bit when open. car will come w/ an extra hood & complete side ground fx that are black with under bracket. car has louvers with brackets but not mounted to the window. and obviously is going to need a d.s fender. no damage to bumper or door. last owners ex beat the fender and the windshield with a bat. READ BOTTOM POST 1ST, mix up!
heres some info. car just need the windshield to be put on road and drive. have no funds to replace. got quote from GLASS AMERICA for $250 installed. the chin spoiler can be repaired have the missin piece that mts to bumper. ive repaired many of these with a $4 tube of plastic epoxy from.... sorry continued on above post. doing on my cell.
car has brand new d.s axle&engine mt, new headlights&brackets, new driver side window regulator... needs pas.s regulator, door speakers & radio. has carpeted trunk area & rr visors, has cargo cover but its gray. vacc it up&wipe it down interior is like brand new besides wear on driver bolster & plastic cover by recline lever. brake pads&rotors are like almost new.... turbo is perfect & does not burn or leak oil either does the engine. CALL ME for any info. its a very nice car!! has alot going for it!!
87 daytona shelby z T2 A555 thats all original never modified never molested has 128k.... car needs 2 go yesterday... id love to keep it and make it beautiful again. but unfortunately at this time i have bigger priorities! there has to be someone for this car and give it a great home. THIS Shelby deserves it! Lets go someone get the ball rolling. by sunday car will go on criagslist. dont really want some random kid gettin it and wrapping it around a tree. car has never been in an accident! shes straight!!!!
c'mon guys! no takers? no one wants 2 make an offer? hit me up anytime time 845 857 6070... for any ?s
anybody have any comments?
I will say that it is a nice car. 2500 may be just a little high tho.

BTW I want to meet whoever was dumb enough to hit that car with a bat. Id like to introduce their skull with said bat.
i would love to have it,its my cars twin,only thing i dont have is leather :bash:

but then theres goin to get it or shipping it :bang head
i hear that! the 2500 price i think is reasonable due 2 the fact that the repairs r minimal and relatively cheap. and once repairs r made, this will b one sick shelby z! only thing to make rd legal is the windshield. we dont let the car sit either. we take her around the neighborhood all the time!
midnight... i was lookin at a white 88ttop z in Tenn mid last yr. on c.l, shipping was less the 600 from NY, reason i didnt get the car was that it need alot of engine work and interior was shot. but she was a solid southern car. but i found same car closer 2 me with leather. this car i believe is well worth the investment. and 2500 OBO shoot me an offer....
yeah but i dont have over 3000 to play with,nor the rust repairs.i just parted an iroc R/t due to rust and the car only cost 1850 shipped.i look for cheap cars LOL.most ive ever spent on a car was 3000 and it came with an extra TIII motor,a568 trany,and pretty much an entire car except for the shell
hey anyone instrested in white 87 ttop gray power leather T2 A555 brand new clutch kit EXCELLENT BODY & INT black crab rims with polished lip, keys bags & straps 4 tops!!! lighted vanity mirrors, carpeted trunk, rear sun shades and cargo cover. floors under the pedals where professionally patched with thicker gauge sheet metal, seam sealed, primed&painted. needs tires, axle, wheel bearing. brakes r great and ebrake works. just throwin it out there if anyone is interested. let me know. i have pics.
call or txt me on the white 87 ttop 845 857 6070.... very pretty car. and yes its also a shelby z. i sold bob the medic from nj my red 89 ttop. that hes now ripping apart. ask him how nice and clean my cars r! also this one never in an accident ether! can send pics via cell.
any one? make an offer! worst i can say is no.... pics dont do this car. there r a few flaws but this is a damn good 23yr old Z....
any takers? car is going on craigslist in the morning.... i really need 2 sell ASAP... and wanted another TD nut 2 have 1st crack at it. but i gota do what i must do. like i said OBO make offer.... i know what i have in it and what my bottom line is.... hit me up!
ok guys the car is on c.list.... any takers b4 i have 2 sell 2 some random person who doesnt know what these cars r? 1st come 1st serve!! unfortunately the car has 2 go, i have no choice!
im taking offers! no one or anyone u know want this ride? it starts rite up and runs! it drives! c'mon guys!!! make an offer!
call or txt me on the white 87 ttop 845 857 6070.... very pretty car. and yes its also a shelby z. i sold bob the medic from nj my red 89 ttop. that hes now ripping apart. ask him how nice and clean my cars r! also this one never in an accident ether! can send pics via cell.
I will definitely vouch for Phil's ability to really clean up a car. The inside of the car I got from him looked like new. Underside was rusted beyond economical restoration but motor will live again in another 89 T-top Shelby we are starting to work on this month.
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