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1987 Dodge Shadow 4 door - $$2500 obo

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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1987 Dodge Shadow 4 door for sale, in Canada - Alberta.

Mileage: 150,000 km

Asking price is $$2500 obo

Seller Information: Kyle Robb
Phone: (780) 860-7991
Email: [email protected]

i got into building a project 1987 dodge shadow with a 2.2 automatic converted to turbo 2 and having just got it running have decided to go another direction. I am wanting to sell car complete or for parts, i don't care. I just need some money out of it to put towards my next project, I will pull any parts you want from it, or if you want it all i will help load it on a trailer for you, or if in the Edmonton area will trailer it to you. i want it gone. i have no set price on anything yet, make me a reasonable offer and i'll probably say yes.

Only thing I have a set price on is for everything(whole car and all parts) is $2500 obo, again make a reasonable offer

as its snowy here i havent had a chance to dig everything out of the car (there is alot of parts in this thing!!) but will update the list and add pictures as i can, or as you request

If you have ANY questions feel free to email me at [email protected] or message me for my cell number

Heres the list of major stuff:

-The car itself is a 1987 dodge shadow with a 2.2 turbo motor converted to turbo 2, spare tire tub has been "delete" with a piece of sheet metal filling the hole for weight reduction, hood has been gutted of braces for the same purpose, onmi hand brake installed, floor pans have been patched and fixed of rusted with sheet metal that was formed and welded in, floors have been bedlinered the right rocker panel does have a rust hole that i had a plan to fix once it was driveable, all external and interior parts for car are there except carpet. -fenders arent on car in pictures but they're in the car

-The engine is the stock 2.2 with about 150,000km on it, has a new headed, arp head studs, t2 intake with new bolts and bigger 3.3l caravan throttle body, turbo was checked and ok'd, exhaust manifold was milled flat, new timing belt, new alt and ps belt, brand new +40% injectors, stage 5 lm to run it all

Heres the parts that are all in the car:
-27"x6"x3" front mount intercooler, still new in box
-FWD Performance stage 5 lm, brand new in box
-Autometer wide band air/fuel gauge, brand new in box
-narrow band air/fuel gauges
-matching boost gauge
-2.5" down pipe
-brand new left and right cv shafts
-+40% mopar injectors
-omni e-brake
-t1 turbo converter to t2
-stock and larger 3.3l throttle bodies
- all stock t1 parts
-vacuum block
-assorted intercooler/boost piping

if anyone has any questions or any photo requests please feel free to contact me

thanks for your time guys!


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