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I have a 1987 Dodge Shelby CSX for sale, in USA - Missouri.

Mileage: 165000 miles
Engine Size: 2.5L T2 Turbo

Asking price is $$1200.00

Shelby CSX prod. number 432. A few years back, I installed a 2.5L common Block engine with a ported head, still running the stock turbo. Two years ago, the tranny gave out, stuck in a neutral position. It may just be the cables, or could be internal. At the same time, I was given a promotion at work, and to this day haven't had a place, or the free time, to work on this car and get it back up and running. The car still sits and my parents place, waiting on a buyer. I need the car to go to someone who has the interest in getting it back up and running. You can search back thru my previous posts, as I have had it listed for sale for quite some time, for a very reasonable price (with pictures included). I may be able to deliver the car depending on travel fees and what not. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have, so feel free to email, text, or call me. My cell is 573-480-2005, name is Tim.
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