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I have a 1987 GLHS Charger for sale .. It was once in beautiful shape .. my brother recently took it out and totalled it drunk .. The frame is fine, I have a hood and a nose, it also needs a fender which I do not have. It comes with most of the interior parts. No motor and No transmission. The dash plaque is intact in the dashboard. Car number #585.

I'd like at least $500 for it as a roller, even though it's been crashed it is in very good shape. The car has been repainted and has no rust. I used to race this car, the cage has been removed, and it used to go 11.3.

Please CALL TONY at 860-307-6614 if you are interested or have any questions. This is Tony's gf putting this up for him .. Please DO NOT pm me because I probably don't know the answer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CALL TONY.

Thank you!
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