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1987 GLHS #0902 For Sale

I am going to be selling my pristine GLHS #0902. It was completely restored by a Chrysler Master Tech before I bought it from Steve Foster who a lot of people know quite well. I am listing the work done on it below.

I could have probably spent less money doing this car by hunting for cheaper parts or buying used stuff, but I didn't so the prices listed are what I paid.

See all pics at:

The car is for sale at $9,400.00

I might negotiate a little bit, but not much. If it doesn't sell now, it will later or it can just sit in my garage looking pretty. I'm not in any rush nor in need of money.

By the way, the usual cheapskate TD guys who make us all look bad won't influence my pricing. You know, the ones who have no money and just want to keep our cars selling for nothing while belly button cars like Mustang GT's sell for stuid amounts. Everyone else is welcome to give input. I would feel bad having to say this, but anyone who has spent time on the TD forums knows what I mean.

Here is the build info:

Completely rebuilt motor (12-18K miles):
Motor Rebuilt by Chrysler Master Tech Mechanic (the quality of the work is self-evident)
Ported and rebuilt GLHS head
Ported intake 2-Piece intake
All new OEM Vacuum lines (hard AND soft lines replaced)
Rebuilt T-2 Turbo w/ Larger wheel, ported housing and larger actuator
Ported Exhaust manifold
Rebuilt Transmission with newer clutch (also 10-15K miles)
Total Approximately $5100.00

ALL New or Newer parts:
New +20 injectors ($149.00)
Power steering pump New ($78.00)
New high pressure steering pump hose ($25.90)
Newer style Denso/Chrysler high output alternator with brackets ($140.00)
Magnecor Wires with new cap, rotor and plugs (R9YC) Newer ($81.00)

New 255 lph Fuel pump ($120.00)
New Fuel filter ($30.00)
Accufab Adjustable Fuel Regulator New ($129.00)
Dawes Devices Air Fuel meter New ($62.00)
New larger master cylinder ($45.00)
FWD Stage 3 computer Newer ($125.00)
Remanufactured Radiator ($109.00)

Dual guage pod ($25.00)
Autometer Boost guage ($54.00)
SW oil pressure guage (installed but not connected) ($25.00)

WORKING A/C!!! All new compressor, lines, etc.
A/C Compressor New ($368.00)
A/C lines New ($310.00)
A/C Condensor and evap believed Rebuilt (forgot price)
Conversion to R134 ($22.00)

New OEM O2 sensor reconfigured for 4-Wire setup ($85.00)

Front Brakes Converted to Caravan large calipers (rebuilt) w/ Power Stop pads ($150.00)
Rear Brakes converted to Disc with performance pads ($145.00)
Proper proportioning valve was also installed ($35.00)

Alpine CD player with Polk Audio 6.5” separates with for XM satellite radio ($720.00)
Sylvania Higher Output headlights ($28.00)
High flow catalytic convertor ($75.00)
2.5” FWD mandrel cat-back exhaust with Dynomax muffler ($170.00)
Momo black leather steering wheel ($210.00)
Momo steering hub ($72.00)
Momo black leather shifter knob ($65.00)
New turn signal switches and arm (that actually reset after turns) ($120.00)
K&N Filter ($35.00)
Boost control valve used for faster spool-up (steady at 15 psi) ($35.00)
No detonation
Alarm system ($210.00)
Electric locks installed but you can’t tell since it works with the alarm remote and no switches inside. So much easier than using a key. ($130.00)
New OEM HEP ($35.00)
Borbet Design BS wheels ($500.00)
Kumho tires 50% Tread (370.00)
Newer Axles ($160.00)
Alcohol injection ($124.00)

$3500.00 paint job
All proper OEM graphics ($100.00)
20% tint on all windows, 10% on rear ($210.00)
Everything works!!!
No LEAKS from the sunroof, windows or hatch
Interior is 9 out of 10
Needs headliner (not a big deal)
ODO shows 39,648 miles but it may not be correct

You would spend over $20,000.00 rebuilding this car. Over $14,591.90 was spent before installation and shipping of the New and newer parts, which was in the thousands of dollars.

I know I am missing some of the other good stuff here, but oh well…

Also available:
Rebuilt 568 trans out of Spirit R/T with custom heavy duty clutch (approx 1,500 miles)
Spirit R/T shifter, cables, etc.

GLHS Steering wheel in Excellent condition
GLHS rims in good condition
16” Shelby pumper rims

My 91 Spirit R/T is also going to be sold.
Here are some pics, click above link for all pics.


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not worth it to sell it now, I would keep it. Does it really take up that much space? I would buy a few lifts if I were you and get nearly twice as many in there. The 87 isn't getting the love it deserves yet. Many go cheaper than the Dodge version. Everyone has there reasons, I think the car is worth more than $9,000. But the timing is just bad. I myself have dumped more into my 86 GLHS and it has gone a lot farther. But I also have no intention of selling though either lol. I would also say to go to team shelby forum instead. A better place to sell your car for a good price. You also live in socal it says and you can get there to show it off if need be.

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Thanks for the tip. I will try the Shelby forum. If it doesn't sell then I will just throw a cover on it and maybe someday there will be appropriate, "love" for the GLHS. It amazes me that people will pay so much for an 80's modified but high mileage Mustang GT that has nowhere near the looks, agility or potential of the GLHS. Let's see if someone comes through.

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I can't wait until they roll her off the transport. Thank you for taking such great care of her. And thanks for all the upgrades. All I will have to do is start her up and cruise. Pleasure working with you.

Bryan Johnson (Awaiting delivery of #902)

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Yes I will be showing it off at sdac-18. It's in my home state this year. What a great drive that will be. It is missing a headliner though (completely gone so don't look up. Replacing it will be 1st priority.

See you there

Bryan #902 Yeah, I'm back with the Shelby Boys!!!!
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