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I have a 1987 Other Plymouth Sundance for sale, in USA - Indiana.

Mileage: xxxxxx km

Asking price is $100


Bought this car as part of a deal from another local. He never came through with the title and I'm tired of staring at it. It is a roller, has SRT neon struts on the front and cut springs in the rear. Currently has a set of crabs on it but I'd like to keep them if possible. Front windshield is busted. Has a CB short block with a broken head bolt and 3.5 FD A520 in it at the moment. The interior only has a dash in it. The column, carpet and rest of the interior is gone. I want 100 bucks because I know I could pull and sell the transmission for at least that much. If you're willing to help pull the transmission and let me keep the wheels I'd give you the rest. I can get pictures sometime this week if you want.
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