Selling my 1987 Shelby Charger GLHS, It is in relatively rough condition. I bought it as a first car however ended up getting in over my head in what I could and wanted to repair living in an apartment with no garage.

The Good:
Mostly original parts
Factory Rims
Pretty good condition upholstery
The Back Hatch is full of spare parts (valve covers, entire dash, steering wheels, etc.)
Brand New Gas Tank (had to replace it after the previous owner put a hole in it when getting it off his trailer)
Clean Title

The Bad:
Missing the GLHS plaque on the dash.
Was seemingly in a front end collision(however appears to be repaired well)
Needs new Camshaft
Hasn't been started sense at least 2020
Needs Paint and general TLC.
Other small issues like the air dam needing new clips

Not in a huge rush to move it. However I have realized I'm probably never going to get around to properly repairing it and would like to see the parts be used or it be restored rather then just sitting around.

I can provide more pictures if needed, its currently located at a relatives house, so it may be a few days to a week before I would be able to take them.