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I was looking at a 1987 Shelby Charger (non GLHS) and the guy told me it is the non-intercooled turbo I, and I have read some places that the 87 shelby’s, as well as the GLHS, used the intercooled turbo II, who is correct? I am new to these little cars but the price was right, I will likely buy the car either way, just curious. Thanks!!

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First off, on the forum alot of people will refer to the Turbo I, II, III, and IV motors as TI, TII, TIII, TIV or T1, T2, T3, T4 motors.

The 87 Shelby GLHS used the intercooled 2.2 TII engine (but it wasn't a true TII, it used a TI block, just to make things more confusing!)

The 87 Dodge Shelby Charger used a non-intercooled 2.2 TI

A non-intercooled 2.2 TI can fairly easily be upgraded to be like a Turbo II in appearance and performance with bolt on parts and minor modifications.

I like this shelby-dodge.com for the finer details about these type of cars,

87 Shelby Charger 85-87 Shelby Charger

87 Shelby GLHS 87 GLH-S

Production figure wise (check out the production figures database link in my signature below):

87 Dodge Shelby Charger:

566 Black
445 Garnet Red
1011 Total

87 Shelby GLHS:

1000 Total (All numbered and signed by Carroll Shelby)
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