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Status: Clean Title
I have a 1987 Shelby GLHS for sale, in NM 88101.
Mileage: 90000 miles

Asking price is $2500

Not real Proud to do this, but time has come to pull out of the turbo dodge world.
***read build thread started a couple years back here:***

1987 Shelby GLHS #254 for sale for $2500
current state of the care is running. and running well. oil psi gauge does not work but yes, it does have oil pressure. just haven't troubleshot indication. AC compressor and lines are out. Radio was pulled to swap out but I haven't purchased a new one. and lastly, why I don't drive it around more, windshield is cracked. local glass company has said Pilkington has some being manufactured now and are due in this month(May). Clearly NOT yet restored but its a beautiful, good running, rust free project with full restore potential. Comes with all my spare/uninstalled mods/extra horded parts and any extras:
-88 Daytona t2 spare engine (true t2- had crank turned .20 over and all reassembled. has been on stand for over 2 years as a spare)
-front and side skirts
-replacement front fender and rear bumper plastics
-87 Daytona a555 spare tranny
-centerforce clutch
-ported 2 piece glhs intake
-brand new in box sun roof seal
-4 different axles for a555 swap (believe they are from 88 daytona from my first TD project)
-PT lifter set
-shift cables/spare HEPs/walbro fuel pump/flywheels/manuals etc...

again, read build thread for more details on car. to know what else you are getting as far as car goes. a lot of love went into this car before I ever got ahold of it.

Cameron: [email protected] / 505-553-zero nine one three
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No interest???

1987 Shelby Charger GLHS #253 for sale. Completely rust free and runs well. It is a project due to the paint, body and clean up needed. A lot of love and history with this car. I am pulling out of all my car projects. So this comes with all sorts of extras. I run the car for a bit every weekend to keep things circulating but have only put approximately 80 miles on it in 2 years.

In vehicle now:
Original 2.2l intercooled turbo motor w/ ported head, stage 2 Mopar computer, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, 2.5" wastegate/downpipe from an 89 gattett t2 as well as a removed cat converter, new larger 80amp alternator and harness from 89 daytona, new vaccum lines and vacuum block. Original a525 tranny.
No tears in any of the interior but it is dirty/faded in need of cleaning/resoring.
Body work is needed for the damage behind driver door on rear quarter pane but all front, side, and rear plastics/trim pieces are all accounted for including original wheels.

Parts not on car/extras: ported Shelby 2 piece intake, original Shelby wheels, new in box sunn sun roof seal, Walbro 255lph fuel pump, spare complete t2 engine(crank ground .010 and new +.010 bearings installed), 87 a555 tranny with a new center force stage 2 clutch, extra CV shafts, original cat converter, mopar +60 injectors, SLH piece parts, side skirting, front air dam plastics, replacement rear bumper plastics, and many extra random parts I can't think of sitting on the shelf.

Bad/ugly: exterior body work needed, AC lines cut and compressor removed, interior needs cleaning, dash is apart for stereo replacement, front end needs alignment, oil pressure gauge is not reading correctly, windshield is cracked, and no rear motor mount on a-frame... that's all I can think of.

Best part is an autographed Shelby owners manual specific to this numbered vehicle. Rare car. Runs well. Just needs some exterior loving.

If interested I have videos of current state inside and out.

1987 Shelby GLHS #0958
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:surprise: That is freakin awesome. Is the owner a forum member or on Facebook at all?

If not, could you tell him congratulations for me? That is not something that happens every day.
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