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1988 Dodge Daytona - $500.00

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Category: Domestic
Status: Clean Title

I have a 1988 Dodge Daytona for sale, in Canada - British Columbia.

Engine Size: 2.2

Asking price is $500.00

Seller Information: Kate Walker
Phone: (778) 754-1101
Email: [email protected]

Unfortunately I have to sell my '88 Shelby Z. I'm going to all the FWD Mopar sites first before I sell it to some dumb kid who will wreck it. It has what I think is a blown turbo, other than that the engine is strong, body is in decent shape (has paint peeling but what '80s TD doesn't), everything works fine. You can technically drive it away. I want $500 obo. I live in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. I can't afford to ship it or drive it, so if you want it you have to come get it.
Has new head, oversize valves, is a standard. Stock engine. Can't remember kms off the top of my head.


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For those whom are interested in this car if you are buying in Canada and shipping in Canada. You can ship this car anywhere from BC to Newfoundland by truck with LHF.com known as L. Hansen's Forwarding. Great people to deal with and very easy to set it all up LHF.com will drop it at your door (driveway). I have used them before And I will again.I never had a problem and without a scratch on a new paint job to boot!
Or with Autorail.com by train I have used them as well. Very good service as well.
Has the A/C been removed, or did it never have A/C.....?

Man, if this was close I'd be all over it, and I'd be smiling ear-to-ear while doing it!
It never had AC lol.
No, the 1988 Shelby Z came STOCK with the Turbo 2, it says it's stock in the ad so no, there wouldn't be any mods to it.
what does it take to get a car from canada into the us and then to title and register it?
I'm not really sure to be honest, depends on where you live. You could maybe go to an insurance place and get the details there?
or go to your local DMV... They will most likely have all the answers and give you the correct papers to fill out. Insurance companys dont deal with titles and reg.
And shelby z came with a T1 if they were automatic. All T2's were 5spds. Glws nice car, and free bump! Happy New Year!
damn another nice TD Too bad it is too far for me Damit I really loved this car too :(
I'm not that far but I already have 5 turbo dodges in my yard!! You might have more luck in turbo_2.com
No, the 1988 Shelby Z came STOCK with the Turbo 2, it says it's stock in the ad so no, there wouldn't be any mods to it.
in the US all Shelby Zs came stock with AC and they also came with a T1 engine and not intercooled
wonder what it takes to bring a car down here? Only about 250 miles from me
We've brought cars up from the states before it really isn't that hard just do your research before :p
Not up here I guess. Stock T2 intercooled, no A/C bracket so I don't think it ever had it.
if it was a 5 speed, yes. if whoever wanted the shelby z in an auto, it would come with a TI engine due to the auto trans not being able to hold up to the abuse.
Oh, this is killing me, PM with an address I can use to check on a shipping price, I'm going to look it up on LHF.com and see how bad the bill will be.
I just did guesstimates with lhf and it came out to $1000 for shipping :/
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