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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1988 Dodge daytona shelby z for sale, in USA - Wisconsin.

Mileage: 202,000 miles
Engine Size: 2.2L TII

Asking price is $900

Body has no rust other than drivers floor pan, easily repaired, other wise clean body and floor pans. bottom of doors are perfect, so is the hatch and the hood, all glass is perfect, nice red interior, headliner is not sagging, sunroof works, power windows and driver seat, cruise control, front seats show some wear, but are not ripped, dash has no cracks, body kit is perfect, no cracks, rips or warping, has all four shelby wheels, 2 are in the trunk, does not come with the rear wheels shown, those are just for moving the car. the car has no motor, it was taken for another project, but the wire harness is still in there, and so is the computer, some spare parts are included in the back of the car. 5 speed manual trans, model A555

I have a clean title for the car, to be back on the road with this car you would need to put a motor in, put new tires on, put the rack and pinion on and put new brakes on. there may or may not be more work needed, kind of depends on what you want out of the car, because of the clean body it is a perfect candidate for restoration or racing.


414 861 8431 call or text, best way to get ahold of me, emailing is not great, i dont check it often

have more pics, email if you want those

sorry, the pics aren't great, thats the best i can do with the car still on my trailer


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Wish I had 900 laying around, I'd grab this.
Free bump I guess
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