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1988 Dodge Omni - $1000

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Status: Clean Title

I have a 1988 Dodge Omni for sale, in USA - Oregon.

Engine Size: 2.2

Asking price is $500

Im selling my omni that i swapped 2.2 turbo engine in, details: has new clutch new driveaxels, new timing belt,new tires, new headliner, Grey color, clear oregon title virtually rust and dent free car good glass all around. Needs carpet and minor electrical work (because it has caravan harness light bulb connectors are different) Runs and drives.


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I hate to see this perfectly working car go to junkyard. My father is forcing me to get rid of it.
of course your on the completely opposite side of the country!!!! this would make a great sleeper!!!
bump , for a good price. the hard part is done. if i all ready didnt have a turbo omni id be jumping all over this
Seriously.... the other side of the friggin country bump!!
Haha, I'm in PA and feel the same way. Looks like a good starting point. Hope it goes to a good home.
Hey is this still for sale?? Im wanting an omni nd this looks like a great deal to me nd I can come nd get it
u want to come to oregon to get it?
If only you were on the east coast I'd be there tonight.
If only you were on the east coast I'd be there tonight.
+1 This is a hell of a deal!!! Someone buy this thing so I can stop seeing it and getting sad that it is soooo far away!!
I have the money too....just can't justify a trip to Oregon for a car. Can't get the time to leave work....this makes me sad. I wish I had never looked in the for sale section tonight :(
37 hr drive............ dam man Thats an amazing deal. and its a 5 sp. Just needs an I/C and a cal to be a great sleeper some one buy this!!!!
I wish I could buy this but is is 1day and 2 hours to go there and get it and I don't have that much money to spend on gas. This is a good car someone buy this
I added 520 transmission last week and put matching cv joints and modified rod shifter to fit.
I will be willing to pay asking price and shipping we could set something up if u wanted to ( i have an srt4 engine and transmission i could get that um well will make a great sleeper
Darn, for $400! I'll have to talk to my friend's dad and see if he can have his shipping company come get this!
1 - 20 of 34 Posts