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1988 Dodge Shadow for sale, in Atlanta GA

Mileage: 108000 miles
Engine Size: 2.2

Asking price is $900

*** Craigslist Alert *** I can't find USA in the location drop down? It's in Georgia near Atlanta.

This could be an outstanding deal for somebody. I am working on a Hemi build or I'd pick this thing up tomorrow. Details are few but the pictures provide a pretty good indication of what you are getting.


From what I see, it shouldn't take much if the engine is good. Even if it isn't this would be one heck of a parts donor or a complete shell for rough bodied runners. My other name on here is something like RqdtoRead or something like that, I don't remember the PW. I've been around a long time, I just do not post very often. If somebody wants this car I'd be happy to haul it and keep it in a covered garage in Tennessee. Heck I might even work on it for you if I have time. I worked for Cindy years back, I know these cars in and out.

This is too good of an ad for me not to share with you guys. These things don't show up often now a days. I remember a time when I was working at FWD that we were drowning in them.
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